Nielen Prince - Adelaide Renovation Specialist

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Role: Renovation Specialist
Region: Adelaide
Construction Manager: Geoff Munn
Manager(s): Nielen Prince & Emma Prince
B/L number: BLD 271779
Legal Entity: Cocoon SA Pty Ltd

HIA member, you're in good hands

Nielen and Emma had their first experience of residential renovations in 2004 while still living in London. With the property being the couple’s first family residence there was an immediate pressure to deliver a beautiful home on budget and on time, and ready in time for the arrival of their firstborn. The project proved to be a resounding success which sparked a love for creating beautiful living spaces and comfortable homes. As the family grew, so did their ambitions for renovation.

While maintaining their unwavering high standard of expectations, they became very proficient at using their organisational skills and experience, which they both gained as senior school leaders, to successfully project manage their own renovations. Used to working under pressure and within networks of various professionals and services, Nielen and Emma understand the undeniable importance of clear and effective communication. They also observed that the importance of being a good listener is frequently undervalued and therefore value every customer’s input when communicating their dreams and expectations for their home.

The opportunity to pursue their dream of working as professionals in the residential renovation industry presented itself soon after relocating to Adelaide early in 2015. Since joining Refresh Renovations, as the original Franchisees in South Australia, Nielen and Emma have been very successful in surrounding themselves with a team of highly dedicated and skilled individuals and local suppliers.

Geoff Munn is the Construction Manager in Nielen's team. Geoff is a builder by trade with 25+yrs in the industry. In this time, he has gained extensive experience in project and construction management, with a particular focus on custom-built residential homes and renovations. Geoff has a passion for building which results in a collaborative, hassle-free management and delivery of projects, giving our clients great satisfaction with their finished homes.

With their awesome team of builders and trades, strong local supply networks and the support of reputable brands, Nielen and Emma will deliver your project to the highest standards, best value for money and complete satisfaction.


Sturt Valley Rd, Stirling SA 5152, Australia

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