Home Renovation Consultant in Nottinghamshire

With ten years experience managing large multidisciplinary teams globally in her role as Photography Manager for an international retailer, Bryony has a passion for workflow and a keen eye for aesthetics. 

Managing local teams of trusted tradespeople; Bryony will look after you throughout the renovation process from conception to completion -  providing a comprehensive service whilst you remain in control at every stage.

A Passions for Property Renovations

As an “accidental landlord” Bryony has completed many home renovations historically. 

Having been through most of the trials and tribulations of standard builds going over budget and over timeline , she has a deep appreciation for the core values of the Refresh model. 

With this core ethos in mind, Bryony will use the Refresh systems and processes to minimise wastage, organise the projects efficiently, and ensure transparency throughout the projects. 

“Often lighting is such an overlooked element when creating a really captivating design, and highlighting the shapes and design features can completely change the way a space is perceived. I think I bring a fundamental understanding of the key concepts of aesthetic design, whilst also being tenacious in getting my clients the absolute best project we can for their budget.” 

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