Because every Refresh project is covered by Stamford Insurance’s 10-Year Warranty, you can begin your renovation knowing that your investment is protected. It is a completely independent and secure insurance scheme which covers financial loss due to builder insolvency, minor defects as well as major structural defects. If you sell your home in the next 10 years, you can pass this coverage on to the new homeowners.

What are the key benefits?

Our 10-year warranty is underwritten certain underwriters at Lloyd's. World-leading insurance specialists, which results in independent and secure insurance - removing any need for litigation. Design, materials and workmanship are covered - ensuring you achieve the final result you imagined. 

What does the policy cover?

Should your project come up against defects (including design, specifications, workmanship, failure of completion on the builders part) you will be covered. This includes an initial 2-year coverage of all defects and a further 8 years of any major structural defects. You will also be covered against financial loss that is the result of builder insolvency. You will be reimbursed for the loss of up to 15% of your deposit and, in the event of a claim, where necessary, will receive coverage for alternative accommodation, professional fees and debris removal.

What type of homes are covered?

The policy covers all renovation projects across every home style. This includes renovations, re-cladding and conversions across individual homes, townhouses, apartments, commercial buildings and mixed-use developments.

Why is good insurance important when renovating your home?

According to building research agency BRANZ, 87.5% of surveyed homeowners call their builders back due to project defects and 17.3% have disputes with their builders over costs. Working with Refresh, you will not only be covered against these issues, you will also be provided with a fixed-quote before any work begins. “50% of respondents who built with a franchise builder also stated that fixed-price certainty was important”, states BRANZ. 

Why are Refresh and Stamford Insurance the answer?

When Refresh surveyed homeowners across New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and the USA we found that overspending, unexpected delays and overall dissatisfaction with the completed project were among their biggest renovation fears. Refresh provides a solution to all of these fears. Our detailed planning process significantly reduces the chance of cost and timeframe overruns, and you know what you’ll be spending from the start - as we design to your budget, with a contingency in place. Even so, we know that the occasional renovation issue is inevitable. That’s why we offer you a 10-Year Building Warranty through Stamford Insurance - to provide you with complete peace of mind.

How is your Refresh business owner covered?

While you can enjoy the security of Stamford Insurance’s 10-Year Building Warranty, your chosen Refresh renovation specialist is also covered by Apex Insurance. This includes Contract Works Insurance which provides cover for Accidental or Physical Loss or Damage to the Contract Works, including all permanent and temporary works and construction materials. It provides many policy extensions and enhancements specifically designed for the Refresh Renovations network ($350,000 for any domestic construction. Maximum construction period of six months applies).

We recommend that you check the insurance cover of any other builders you are considering, and compare them to what is offered by Refresh Renovations.



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