Creative Ways To Make Space For A Snug

Create a cosy little nook to spend the winter evenings

A snug, a man cave, a reading nook: whatever you call it, having your own little space in the home can be a precious luxury and one that many of us can only dream of. Whether you want to sit and read, play games, nap, watch movies or just cuddle up with a loved one, having a dedicated room to do so can really make all the difference to your lifestyle and in particular, your relaxation time. Realistically, of course, not all of us have a home (or budget) big enough to build and fit out a whole new room to such pursuits; but there are cleverer ways to carve out your own niche in your property. Have you considered the following?

Converting a Shed

The extended lockdown periods of the coronavirus pandemic saw more homeowners than ever look to create living spaces outdoors; to both facilitate socially distanced outside socialising and to extend the home further. Many sheds and summerhouses have been made into home bars but there’s a lot more potential for them than just drinks.
If you already have a shed, it can be stripped and cleaned as well as fitted out with electricity and insulated/weather-proofed for safety. However, if you don’t have a shed, these can be bought fairly cheaply from a variety of homeware/hardware stores and erected either as a DIY job or by a professional.
Sheds make for fantastic ‘get-away’ room that give physical space from the main building of the home and so creates a different atmosphere that can help promote tranquillity and relaxation through the removal from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Don’t let this feeling of recreation cloud the need for security measures, though: as you’ll need to ensure there’s a proper lock or security system in place and ideally secure windows. Don’t forget to insure items in the shed too!

Converting a Basement

Not many homes in the UK have the luxury of a basement space but where they do, they’re often left as underused or even entirely unused rooms.
If a basement isn’t already habitable it can be a large project to convert it into a functional space and take several weeks, but must be managed by professionals. There are Building Regulations that need to be adhered to with basement conversions working around insulation, damp-proofing, ventilation and fire safety, and there may be (but is by no means always) a requirement for Planning Permission.
Basement conversions may require a large initial investment due to the amount of variable factors and work involved, but do add considerable value to a property and so is usually worth the speculation in the long run. Realistically this forms a whole extra room – and often a large one – which prospective buyers are likely to favour.
Basements make for great rooms where you need a little peace and quiet as they’re naturally somewhat more sound-proofed than rooms at ground floor and above, so work well for reading spaces, gaming rooms and home cinemas.

Converting a Loft

Lofts and attics too make for fantastic conversion spaces as they’re all too often used as dusty and forgotten-about storage spaces for Christmas decorations and old photo albums, and are usually a cheaper and quicker renovation project than the above mentioned basement.
Loft conversions can usually be completed without the need for Planning Permission, although there are Building Regulations considerations to factor in. It’s surprisingly easy to add in electricity and plumbing to most lofts and to shift the often-bare insulation to cover it and create a functional space. Depending on what you’re using the converted room for, you may choose to add in a whole staircase or keep a ladder type system to shut yourself away.
Lofts can give the lovely impression of leaving the disruption of the day behind by heading upwards and outwards of the fog, but can always be used to shift the living room or bedroom to and instead place your snug/personal project room elsewhere in the home.

Getting Crafty with a Cupboard

If you don’t have a room suitable for conversion or an outdoor space for a shed, instead consider getting clever with a cupboard; under-stairs or otherwise! 
Under-stairs spaces can be cleared out, decorated and lit to create a small nook or snug room and there’s plenty of ideas online to make ‘man’ caves (other genders are available) and gaming spaces out of them. If your existing cupboard has a single lightbulb consider instead adding ambient lighting through lamps or fairy lights and be sure that that the door to the space opens from the inside out so those within don’t get trapped.
For large cupboards or wardrobes, these can be cleared and a fold-out desk added in: an increasingly popular option through lockdown periods to create ‘cl-offices’ for those needing to work from home. If done well, the cupboard can look like a standard cabinet once closed but acts as a whole different space when open. This allows homeowners the chance to fold away their relaxation time when they need to get on with the daily routines and enjoy unravelling it again when it’s time to chill out.

Scoping Out Your Snug

Want to create your own special space in the home but not sure how or where it could work? Contact your local Refresh Renovations office to arrange a free no-obligation home visit. A renovations specialist will walk through your property with you and scope out the opportunities within the home as well as provide a quotation for all of the works to be completed. What’s great is that we charge a single fee for all of the work including the oversight of a dedicated project manager to ensure the renovation is completed on-time and to budget: leaving you to get on with your usual routines and step straight into enjoying the new space as soon as it’s ready.

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