Small Bathroom Remodels in the UK

Tight quarters when remodelling a small bathroom pose particular challenges that differ from those that come with larger spaces.

Tight quarters when remodelling a small bathroom pose particular challenges that differ from those that come with larger spaces. There still needs to be a shower (or small-sized bathtub), toilet, and vanity of some sort to be considered a full bathroom in the UK, but with unique layouts and quirks, where do you fit it all?

This may feel a bit intimidating, but we’re here to help! We’ve completed thousands of successful renovations all over the world and want to share some helpful tips to make your small bathroom renovation a success. 

What to consider during a small bathroom renovation

Existing conditions

Before getting tied to a specific bathroom design idea, you’ll need to find out what you’re working with in terms of functionality. Many homes in the UK are old and have dated plumbing and electrical systems which may restrict the placement of new fixtures, therefore limiting the layout and overall design. The more open you are to enhancing oddities (a shower under the stairs for instance) instead of fighting them, the more likely you are to end up with great and unique results. 

Usage and purpose

Will this be the main bathroom in your home or just an extra for guests? Does it need to accommodate children or are you free to design around adult use only? Answering questions like these are essential to determine the best design. For example, if a family bathroom needs a bathtub, it may require some creativity to fit everything within a small footprint. Maybe a space-saving shower-bath combination or a cleverly placed small bathtub.

Cost of small bathroom renovations in 2023

While it stands to reason that a small bathroom remodel would incur a smaller price tag, what really matters is the project’s scope. For example, a small-sized project where you have to rip up the floor, replace all the plumbing, and install luxury finishings will likely cost more than a larger bathroom that only needs a few cosmetic updates. 

A lot goes into determining how much a bathroom renovation costs which is why we dedicate an entire step of our 5-step process to costing. This approach allows us to remain transparent with homeowners so they know exactly what to expect during their renovation. 

But how much will your bathroom renovation cost? Without knowing the details, it’s impossible to know. However, we can advise that the majority of our bathroom renovations have cost between £5,000*-£20,000+* with outliers occurring on both ends of the spectrum. 

Tips for a small bathroom renovation in the UK

Use colour and patterns strategically

Busy patterns or too much colour can make a small bathroom feel even more cramped; the opposite is also true, so use this principle to your advantage. Floor-to-ceiling panelling in a small toilet room will help elongate the space by drawing the eye up without creating too much visual noise. 

Be smart about storage

Storage can make or break a small bathroom design; without appropriate options, clutter is inevitable. Whether it’s open shelving or concealed cabinetry, don’t overlook the importance of giving your items a home. 

Check out this article to learn more ways to make the most of your small bathroom.

Small bathroom design ideas

While they may seem niche, tiny attic bathrooms are surprisingly common in the UK as many homeowners try to take advantage of every corner of their homes. With limited wall space and tiny sloped ceilings, the key to making these designs not feel claustrophobic is the use of skylights. Maximising natural light can make even the smallest toilet room feel more spacious.  

If you’re a fan of period bathrooms, you’re in luck because green Victorian bathroom designs are making a comeback. Green hues, often emerald, olive, or hunter, bring a modern feel to a typically traditional style which strikes the perfect balance of old and new.  

For cloakroom tiling ideas, check out this Nottingham renovation that transformed a utility closet into a functional powder room with fun feature tiles. 

Planning a small bathroom renovation with Refresh

Planning is the secret to success, or at least we think so. Our 5-step process was designed to focus on thorough planning and transparent communication. But one thing that makes us different is how we measure success. At Refresh, while beautiful results are a priority, our ultimate goal is to make sure homeowners enjoy their experience. To ensure this happens, our Renovation Consultants utilise each of the five steps during every renovation for consistently great service. 

The early stages of the process are dedicated to understanding your vision, then translating your small bathroom ideas into concept designs followed by working drawings and a cost estimate. Now by this point, you’re just about ready to watch the transformation take place. All you need to do is sign off on the plans. From there, your Renovation Consultant will coordinate the team, order your choice of materials, and arrange for any documentation to be obtained prior to execution. From start to finish, they’ve got your back the entire way, always aiming to deliver your renovation on time and within budget. 

Does your small bathroom need an update?

We’re here to help! Just get in touch to arrange a consultation with a local Renovation Consultant. They’re free of charge and there’s no obligation to move forward. But we’d love to hear your ideas and discuss how we can help bring them to life!

*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change: tax is not included unless otherwise stated. For a fixed quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Refresh™ Renovations Consultant.

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