Small Kitchen Renovation

Make big changes to your small kitchen to maximise space, style, and efficiency. Discover how the Refresh design-and-build process can transform your UK kitchen on time and within budget.

Black and timber kitchen

Why choose Refresh?

Our mission is to guide you through a bespoke renovation process with minimal stress and maximum results. Right from the initial, no-obligation consultation, your local Renovation Consultant will be your single point of contact, providing clear communication throughout the project.

A pivotal step in the process is establishing your budget. Your Renovation Consultant will work to incorporate all materials, labour, and potential issues within that budget. 

Should your small kitchen renovation require a permit, your Renovation Consultant will oversee that process while also connecting with a network of trusted contractors and suppliers to bring your kitchen renovation to life on schedule. 

Once construction is complete, your Renovation Consultant will make sure that all appropriate paperwork is filed and that you are happy with the end result. All that’s left to do now is toast your transformed kitchen!

U-shaped kitchen

Considerations for your small kitchen renovation

Kitchen makeovers in the UK can breathe new life into a tired or outdated home. When it comes to planning your renovation, keep a few key elements in mind:

Current layout

Making changes to your floor plan can help improve efficiency of movement and secure more storage in your kitchen. Your Renovation Consultant can suggest alternative small kitchen layouts to suit your space. 


Have an idea of your budget before you start your renovation. This way, your Renovation Consultant can help you allocate your budget effectively so that you’re happy with the final outcome.


Depending on the budget, you might choose to replace your appliances. If that’s the case, consider slim options or savvy storage solutions to keep your kitchen clean and streamlined. And, if replacing appliances is not a priority, your Renovation Consultant will work with you to ensure the new kitchen design complements your existing ones.

Kitchen with freestanding island

Features of a small kitchen in the UK

Let’s explore features of a small kitchen design in the UK as well as tips for this type of renovation:


Everything has its place in a serene kitchen. Even if you’re short on space, that doesn’t mean sacrificing efficient storage! Cabinets for small kitchens can be made tall or deep to accommodate your needs. More small kitchen storage ideas include pull-out drawers and shelves, appliance garages, and open shelving.

Colour palette

Bright whites and light neutrals make a small kitchen feel open and airy. In contrast, darker colours absorb light, making a space feel a little cramped. In a small open plan kitchen, you might consider a mix of light colours with contrasting dark flooring for a high-contrast contemporary look.


Check on your sources of natural light. Long windows and skylights can bathe your kitchen in daylight for a warm, inviting space. Add depth to your kitchen with feature pendant lights or LED lighting strips under cabinets and around toe kicks.

White sleek kitchen

Why choose a kitchen makeover?

A kitchen renovation can be a sustainable solution to save time, money, and materials that you already have in your kitchen. 

When you choose to work with Refresh, a local Renovation Consultant will oversee the entire project for you. You will be able to stay up to date on all details by logging into an intuitive online customer portal. Moreover, having a dedicated Renovation Consultant as a single point of contact facilitates open communication and saves you precious time.

Different styles of small kitchens

Modern small kitchen

A contemporary style that prioritises clean lines, clutter-free countertops, and interesting light features. There are a number of small kitchen layouts for this style, including L-shaped kitchen designs (common in apartment kitchens), narrow kitchen designs (like the galley kitchen), and U-shaped designs.

Compact kitchen

Also called a kitchenette, this one-wall kitchen features all appliances and workspace on a single wall.

Small Shaker kitchen

What is a Shaker style kitchen? It’s one that prioritises storage and functionality above all else. Cabinetry in these kitchens are customised to each homeowner’s needs.

Small kitchen designs

Check out some recent small kitchen renovations from our UK Refresh team:

Small kitchen renovation in Bulwell, Nottingham

  • Bright white gloss cabinets
  • Crisp monochrome look with black matte finishes
  • New cabinetry 

Small kitchen renovation in South London

  • Small open-plan kitchen and living room
  • Flat panel cabinetry
  • Neutral colour palette for a light and airy feel

Small kitchen renovation in Cambridgeshire

  • Sleek modern cabinetry
  • Neutral colour palette and light timber flooring
  • Efficient L-shaped kitchen design
White kitchn with underlit cabinetry

Feeling inspired?

Get in touch with your local Renovation Consultant for a free, no-obligation consultation! Discuss your ideas and learn how our curated design-and-build process can deliver your small kitchen makeover.

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