6 Important Details To Remember With A Bedroom Remodel

What should you consider when starting a bedroom renovation?

bedroom interior design

A bedroom should be a haven in a home; a place to unwind, relax and get in some much needed rest. There are a myriad of design and decoration options to choose from but the small finishing touches really make or break a design. Here at Refresh Renovations, we know that the little things make a big difference and that there’s lots to consider before you embark on a full remodel. Here’s the things we think you should consider twice with your renovation…

Interior Design Colours

Colour plays a huge part in the appearance of any room, but in a bedroom it’s critical to pick something that adds to the warmth, tranquillity and overall aura of the room. Ideally, a colour theme will be chosen that acts as a timeless aesthetic, rather than a ‘trendy’ shade, for longevity – but this needn’t be limiting, there’s plenty to choose from!
Size should be considered when interior design decisions are being made. Smaller rooms will benefit from lighter hues that help lengthen and highlight spaces, but larger ones can be made to feel less imposing with darker hues or even statement or accent areas to draw the eye. 
Generally speaking, high-energy colours should be avoided in a bedroom as they stimulate rather than relax the mind. If you’re dead set on one, consider instead using it as a colour ‘pop’ against a more neutral hue; or lighten it for the main areas and use the ‘true’ version as accents. 

Electrical Lighting Plans

The traditional bedroom layout seems to include simply a ceiling light for everyday use and bedside lamps for evening/night illumination. Indeed the activities that lighting should be appropriate for in a bedroom is somewhat varied: getting dressed, doing make-up, reading, romance, relaxation, getting ready for bed and sleeping. A decent bedroom lighting setup will cater for all these eventualities.
Chandeliers can be a great lighting option for larger bedrooms, particularly where interior design is minimalist, as many moderate illumination and are available with dimmers and/or different setting. Flush mounting ceiling fixtures are the most popular choice of overhead bedroom lighting but wall sconces are growing in popularity as homeowners look for something they can control without leaving their beds! If there is space for several lighting options in a room, consider combining them with recessed lighting to offer the most possible choices.

Types of Flooring

You don’t need to stick with whatever is already on your bedroom floor – after all, if you’re remodelling, why not go the whole hog? Carpets are warm and soft to the feet in the morning, but can be difficult to clean in lighter colours; particularly if you have pets or children in and out of your room. Area rugs may prove a better choice and can draw the eye as artwork would, ideal if you’re unable to put things up on the walls.
For hard floors, hardwood seems to be the most popular option (for all rooms), but these do need to be treated and cleaned properly or they may disfigure – and it’s not a cheap material! Laminate flooring, meanwhile, can look like natural wood, and is considerably cheaper but can be susceptible to scratching. Rubber flooring can be made of recycled materials and is very durable – perfect for children’s rooms or those with a high footfall.

Interior Design Accessories

Accessories and items within a room can really make or break the feel of it; no matter how beautifully decorated it is. In a bedroom, it’s important to keep things as clutter-free as possible in order to avoid stimulating the brain unnecessarily at a time when it needs to relax – although this can be difficult with a lack of smart storage space as so much has to be done in the room that isn’t just falling asleep!
Ideally, décor should be minimised and any accessories kept calming. This isn’t to say that a simple look can’t add to the aesthetic – consider adding photo frames, flowers, candles and artwork in accent tones – but that it doesn’t make you worry or want to tidy when you should really be focusing on catching some zzz’s. 

Artwork for a New Renovation

Artwork in the forms of paintings, portraits, prints and photographs are often limited to just the main living room/s, but they don’t need to be! You can hang beautiful artwork in your bedroom just as you can anywhere else – and it’s the perfect place to add the pieces that mean the most to you and will let you drift off to sleep surrounded by good vibes and love.
Gallery walls are super easy to curate with a mix and match of frames and pieces all kept cohesive in their design with one common theme; a colour or print; and tapestries and woven pieces make for a cosy, comfy aesthetic. Photos of your loved ones make for a great thing to see as you fall asleep and as soon as you wake up, and plants increase air quality to help you get the best possible night’s kip.

Window Coverings

It’s fairly unusual for a bedroom not to have a window, and providing you’re not on a nocturnal schedule, some natural light can help improve the quality of REM cycles. How you cover your windows isn’t just for function though – it can be for form, too!
Whether you opt for shades, linen curtains, shutters or sheer sheets, ensure that they work as they well as they look. A soft sheer on fabrics helps filter out lights without blocking it entirely and opaque roller blinds or a specific black-out sheet can always be added if needed. Choose the colour of your window cover not just to match, but also to add vibrancy or an accent where needed. Judge the transparency required based on the direction the room faces and don’t forget to consider the likelihood of noise outside; as opening a window may not be an option everywhere.
All the finishing touches will really complete your bedroom revamp – you just need to consider them carefully. Go with choices you love, and you’ll soon fall in love with your new room, too.

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