How Long Does the House Extension Process Take in North London?

Whether you’re accommodating a growing family, building a home office, or just want more room to spread out, extensions are an effective way of adding extra space to your home. Even the most basic of home extensions can be a major endeavour though, so knowing what to expect from the process is vital.

Whether you’re accommodating a growing family, building a home office, or just want more room to spread out, extensions are an effective way of adding extra space to your home. Even the most basic of home extensions can be a major endeavour though, so knowing what to expect from the process is vital. 

Understand the Basics

A home extension does not need to be massive to make a difference – adding just a few square metres can be transformative. 

Choose to extend outwards with a single-storey or L-shaped extension, or extend upwards with a vertical extension. Either way, an extension can add value to your home. And like any renovation, extensions have specific processes and a timeline that can affect your budget. 

North London’s Refresh Renovations team are experts in house extensions and work to make the process as smooth as possible for you. Learn more about the services that our North London extension specialists provide to make your renovation a success. 

Breaking Down the Timeline

So, how long does an extension take in North London? Let’s take a look at each element of the renovation:

House Extension Planning

2 to 5 weeks

First, you’ll need a set of existing drawings to work from. Getting your home surveyed will provide you with accurate drawings from which you can start to plan and design your extension. This planning phase also includes clarifying your budget.

When you choose to work with a professional renovation company like Refresh, you’ll have a specialist guiding you every step of the way, offering their advice to help you plan and budget for your extension.

Planning Permissions and Building Regulations

8 to 14 weeks

Your home may require permission to develop, especially if it is a listed building or in a conservation or historic area. Having your application reviewed and validated by your local council will take weeks. Following the approval of your overall renovation plans, you’ll need a structural engineer or technician to make sure the small details of your drawings meet all of the local codes, too.

Working with Refresh, your Renovation Consultant will be responsible for submitting the application and obtaining all permissions to ensure your extension complies with local codes. You won’t have to handle all the paperwork by yourself.

Finding Contractors and Project Managers

2 to 4 weeks

Once your plans have been approved, it’s time to start hiring builders and project managers. You might ask your friends, family, or neighbours for recommendations. It’s important to be careful here because contractors do not need a formal licence or certificate. You’ll want to make sure they are reliable, and their work is of a high standard.  

If you work with Refresh, your North London Renovation Consultant will have a network of trusted suppliers and contractors for you to choose from (sometimes with industry discounts, too). And since your Renovation Consultant serves as your project manager, they will oversee the entire build and communicate directly with the contractors. 

Building Your Extension

2 to 4+ months

Time for your home extension builders to get to work! The timeline for construction varies from project to project. If considerable preparatory groundwork is required, this could draw out the process. 

Your project manager will be able to provide you with a more accurate timeline for your specific extension. Once the build is complete, your Renovation Consultant will take care of the final paperwork certifying full compliance, and then it’s time for you to spread out and enjoy your new space!

Timeframes for Different Extensions

Extension timelines may vary by type. Check out three of the most common extensions: 

Single storey extensions

These extensions involve building out the ground level of your home to make space for one or more rooms. Because they are typically more straightforward, they can take as little as 3 months to complete. 

Could this extension type be best for you? Click to read more about single-storey extension interiors and costing. 

L-shaped extensions

Also known as a wraparound extension, these extend from the rear and side of your home, creating an L-shape around the existing house. Because they extend to the rear and side of your home, they come with their own complexities and can take anywhere from a few months to a year to complete.

Two-storey extensions

If you don’t have as much space to expand on the ground floor, you might consider a vertical extension. Or perhaps you want to expand on the ground floor and add a second storey, too. Such extensions add great value to your home, but they do come at a higher cost in both money and time. You can expect a two-storey extension to take anywhere from several months to over a year to complete.

Bear in mind that every extension is different and these are just general estimates. Your Renovation Consultant will be able to give you a more accurate timeline depending on the size of your extension, the location of your property, and other key factors.

Want to get started on your house extension in North London? 

Get in touch with our North London team to book a free, no-obligation consultation with the best extension builders near you. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

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