Danielle grew up in Tauranga until leaving for Otago University, after which she ended up living in Auckland where her own renovation experiences began. Her initial renovation experiences were with individual trades which were managed poorly: 

“I am well aware of the stresses that can come with renovations. Once a builder promised the toilet in my home would be out of action for three days, but that turned into a month! The work took far longer than estimated, to a standard below what was expected, and with excessive inconvenience. It is very satisfying to now have the skills and experience to be able to prevent that type of outcome for clients.” 

After returning to Tauranga and putting down roots in Mount Maunganui with partner Peter and dog Hector, the next step was to jump into something that she is passionate about - home renovations! 

Being passionate about interior design, having a strong attention to detail, as well as good organisational skills, she’s ideally situated to be able to help clients achieve the best possible outcome for their exciting renovations! Having grown up on a farm with the classic Kiwi DIY attitude (and three brothers) she has practical, functional knowledge. Her background as a midwife taught her to be comfortable in potentially stressful situations which are linked closely to clients’ hopes and dreams. 

The goal is to help clients achieve the best project outcome with as little stress as possible. 

“With the models and processes we use the client can follow the journey, know what to expect and not have any unwanted surprises. A home renovation is not a success unless the client achieves exactly what they want for their space, within an acceptable timeframe and within their budget - and that is exactly what Refresh Renovations Tauranga aims to do.”

What Danielle loves about Refresh Renovations includes: the guarantee of service, the ability for clients to see the plan for the project and track it using the online tools, and the resources available to provide exceptional renovations. “Every detail is finished to the level it should be. Renovations should be an exciting and successful process for our clients.”


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