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Does your house tick every box except the one that matters – enough space? For many homeowners, when they feel as if they’ve outgrown their current abode, they go looking for a larger house, but the answer could be right in front of them. A house extension has the potential to provide you with the much needed space you crave without the hassle of selling, buying, moving, and setting.

To discuss house extension ideas or to get an idea of house extension costs, Book your free consultation now with your local Refresh Renovation Consultant in North London.

House Extensions by Refresh Renovations in North London

At Refresh, we’re on a mission to change the way the world renovates. We’ve said goodbye to stressful renovation projects that run over time and over budget and instead said welcome to a unique five-step process that enables you to not only enjoy the results of a successful home transformation, but the journey you took to get there.

Our process starts with a free consultation. This is an opportunity for you to talk with a local Renovation Consultant about the ideas you have for your home renovation. From modern kitchen upgrades to bathroom makeovers, garage conversions to house extensions, our Renovation Consultants have experience project managing all kinds of remodeling projects and can offer you expert advice, ideas, and suggestions.

After this initial consultation, your local Renovation Consultant can prepare concept plans, working drawings, a timeline of project milestones, and a fixed quote accurate to your renovation. It’s all part of our commitment to manage your renovation from concept to completion.

Throughout the process, including the building and construction phase, your local Renovation Consultant will remain your single point of contact, ensuring you’re kept informed along the way. All you need to do is watch your home transform into the space you’ve always imagined it could be.

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What house extension building services does Refresh Renovations provide in North London?

At Refresh, our approach is simple. Every one of our local Renovation Consultants works with a network of trades professionals they entrust to deliver you an exceptional result. This means whatever house extension building service is needed to transform your home, your local Renovation Consultant will know who to call.

Our house extension services include:

  • Bespoke house extension designs
  • House extension planning
  • House extension project management
  • House additions
  • First storey home extensions
  • Second storey home extensions
  • Basement and underground extensions
  • House extension building and construction
  • House extension budget estimates
  • House extension council consent help
  • Partial house extensions
  • Full house extensions
  • Bedroom additions
  • Kitchen additions
  • Bathroom additions
  • Ensuite additions
  • Living room additions
  • Home office additions
  • Garage additions
  • Same-level house extensions

...and anything else you can think of!

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What are some house extension ideas in North London?

For homeowners in North London, house extension ideas often take the shape of a rear house extension that provides greater living room. This might be in the form of an open plan kitchen, dining, and living area, or a second lounge for growing teenagers and their friends! For some homeowners, a rear house extension idea is a conservatory or a studio that can double as a home office.

Small house extension ideas that are popular in North London consist of extending up rather than out. This allows homeowners to gain much needed extra space for an additional bedroom, home office, or guest suite, thereby increasing the value of their property.

Whether you’re contemplating a 3 metre house extension or have terraced house extension plans you’d like to discuss, book your free consultation with your local North London Renovation Consultant to find out what the process will involve.

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How much does a house extension cost in North London?

The cost of a house extension in North London depends on how big, complex, grand, or detailed your project is. If you’re extending your home by adding in a basement there are excavation costs to consider. If you’re extending your home by going upwards, there will likely be the cost of re-roofing to factor in.

The beauty of the Refresh process is that your local Renovation Consultant can provide you with a fixed quote accurate to your house extension project, to ensure there are no hidden surprises that appear along the way.

Do you need consent to build a house extension in North London?

If you’re extending the footprint of your house, it’s likely that you’ll need council consent in North London. Your local Renovation Consultant will manage this process. From sourcing the information to providing the documentation, submitting the application to answering any questions your local council may have, if you need consent, leave it in the hands of your Renovation Consultant. It’s all part of their project management service.

Are you ready to extend your North London Home? 

If your home is bursting at the seams and all family members need more space, book your free consultation with your local North London house extension consultant to discuss your house extension ideas!