There’s no place like home and, after travelling the world together for 10 years, Corey and his wife Anji returned to New Zealand with their family for the perfect mix of lifestyle and work. Meeting at university 18 years ago, Chiraag carved out a career in IT Consultancy - consulting for a number of top-tier legal and investment companies - while Anji worked as a Management Accountant. Combined with their management and consultancy skills, their investment properties throughout Auckland have given them the perfect blend of skills and experience in home improvement and renovation.  

Their first property, bought in 2001, cost only $100k, and this was a stepping stone into the Auckland property market. Gradually building up their investment portfolio, they headed to the UK and gained valuable business experience while freelancing and consulting with various international companies. Of course, weekends were spent in Europe and all their travel helped them acquire a taste of global architecture, giving them a unique eye for interior design and renovation. 

Now parents of two active young boys, the couple needed a change so decided to come home, but with their need for a family-friendly design struggled to find their perfect house. While continuing the search, they looked to put their creative and business skills into practice and found Refresh to be the perfect fit.

Now, the pair combine all of their skillsets to maximise the potential of your home. They have completed renovations on villas and bungalows all over Central Auckland with amazing results. 

In their spare time Chiraag enjoys a round of golf and Anji loves testing her photography skills on the boys. 

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new". 

Awards: 2015 New Franchise of the Year

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