Spacious shower renovation with a unique tile design in Remuera, Auckland

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Spacious bathroom renovations in Remuera, Auckland

Situated in one of Auckland's favourite leafy suburbs, this beautiful home was quickly freshened up by reconstructing two bathrooms.

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Ready to Build

This homeowner came to Refresh Renovations with bathroom plans ready to go. These consented the addition of a shower to the separate water closet by slightly reconfiguring the toilet along with a reconstruction of the main bathroom. 
Paired up with Corey Rambhai, their local Renovation Specialist, and his renovation team, the homeowner explained that their main ambition for the project was to create space. Depicting two spacious bathrooms, one with a bath, the given plans were assessed for feasibility and to determine a cost for building.
In the costing process, Corey arranged for all required trades to visit the space and provide exact quotes. These prices were then developed into an overall quote which, after project viability was confirmed, Corey delivered to the homeowner. Happy with the cost and eager to begin, the renovation team got straight to work.

The Timeline

Corey and his team originally gave a 5-week timeframe for both bathrooms to be renovated. However, once the walls came down, it was clear that additional work was required.
Rot was discovered in a handful of bottom plates and studs, walls were out by 50mm top to bottom, and the floor joists needed reframing. These factors alone meant an extension was needed. But as construction began, the homeowner also decided they would like to build a new wardrobe in one bedroom. 
Corey and his renovation team quickly priced this addition and had it approved for build during the construction period that was already in progress. This, however, was not the final expansion to the project. When the final inspection took place after completion, the renovation team were notified that the existing window needed to be upgraded to safety glass. 
Together, the renovation team managed to include all of these requirements and changes by extending the program by one week, making it a 6-week timeline.

Creating Space

The designers from the renovation team worked closely with Corey to determine the best ways to open up the rooms.
One excellent change the designers recommended was to install tile flooring in the shower instead of using an acrylic tray. This variation really maximised the floor size of the shower as the space was already very tight.
To further enhance the illusion of space, the team designed unique tile patterns for the showers and worked with the architect to update the surrounding detailing.
Throughout these bathrooms, the homeowner opted to use high-quality materials from Mitre 10 and tapware from Robertson Bathware. These were great decisions that played a big part in the contemporary finish.

Smooth Communication

Across the project duration, all updates were shared and discussed using the Refresh Renovations Customer Portal. Within this system, the homeowner had full control of the project where they could see daily log photos along with when payments were due.
This was particularly useful to the homeowner who was very organised and prompt with any decision making and replying to keep the project running quickly. 
The final result? Two beautiful, spacious bathrooms that are highly functional and built to a contemporary finish.

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This project was completed in
November 2020
Project description
Reconstructing two bathrooms
Auckland Central
New Zealand
Project duration
6 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Floor joists needed reframing and rot was discovered.
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Chiraag (Corey) Rambhai is Renovation Consultant of Recreate Construction Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Auckland Central.

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