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Melbourne house extension

Home to many artists and business people alike, Melbourne is a lively and eclectic region perfect to design and extend unique homes in. Refresh house extension builders in Melbourne are registered and qualified experts. Many have been in the industry for over 30 years and consequently, have a solid understanding of the detailed requirements and regulations that come with home extensions.  

Why is Refresh the best option?

Refresh offers a world-leading renovation process that ensures home extensions run smoothly and to budget. Once a renovation specialist has heard from you they will meet you for an initial consultation where you can discuss your ideas with them and they can assess the extension site. Moving forward, you will be presented with house extension designs and a cost estimate until an agreed upon design and fixed-quote are accepted. The entire extension will be managed for you and you can enjoy updates from your specialist, who will be your one point of contact.

Can we do the project?

The Refresh Melbourne house extension builders hold the skills and expertise to complete any type of home extension work. They can also carry out further renovation work on your extended space, ensuring it meets your desired specifications. The services they offer include:
- Ground floor extensions
- Second storey extensions
- Small house extensions
- Renovation extensions
- Remodelling
- Room additions
- Providing concept and working drawings
- Taking care of planning permits
- A company process which ensures end-to-end project management

...and anything else you can think of!

What do I need to know about extending in Melbourne?

A rocky housing market has driven many Melbourne homeowners to extend and improve their current homes rather than move into a new property. It’s a decision which provides many with the creative freedom to redesign spaces and create a home that truly reflects their needs. However, there are a few things that homeowners should know before they begin a residential extension in Melbourne.
Council applications are an important part of any home extension. Planning permits are required for projects which will involve additions or demolition work, for which you will also need to apply for building permits - although rules surrounding planning permission are less stringent in the city's outer suburbs, many of which will only require a building permit for extension work.  As many homes outside the city centre fall under a heritage overlay, it is important to be conscious of how this may impact your renovation. Even minor works will likely require planning permission, and properties with significant heritage value will need to adhere to particular guidelines during a house extension. Refresh extension builders can take care of this process for you as they hold years of experience in liaising with the council over such permits.
If you live in an apartment, keep in mind that extension and renovation work will most likely depend on the approval of your body corporate. If an extension is not possible, we can provide you with alternative solutions - such as an improved layout and innovative design features.
If you are looking at extending a traditional home, it's important to be aware of subfloor requirements. Specific standards are in place in order to improve ventilation and reduce the chance of termite damage. Older homes and traditional weatherboards especially need to be extended with care so that subfloor ventilation is not blocked during any additions. Your local Refresh builder can advise you on the subfloor requirements for your home and property.    

How much does a home extension cost in Melbourne?

A same level house extension will typically start from $70,000. If you are specifically looking to extend your kitchen, expect to pay an additional $25,000* for a basic kitchen and $50,000+* for a high-end fully fitted kitchen. Bathroom extensions are another popular project and will add to the extension cost of between $20,000 - $40,000+*. For a cost estimate that matches your specific project requirements, get in touch with an extension building specialist.
*Please note: these costs are rough estimations only and are subject to change.

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