Auckland Central Roofers

Auckland Central Roofers

Whether your roof is in need of some TLC or you are wanting to extend your home, our Auckland Central team of roofers can help. We’ll take care of all of your roofing requirements and will provide you with a range of home renovation solutions while we’re at it.  

What roofing services does Refresh Renovations provide in Auckland Central?

Refresh provides roof repairs, re-roofing, re-cladding, roof extensions and roof painting for most roofing styles and types, including:
- Roof tiles
- Long run roofing
- Roof flashings
- Membrane
- Corrugated iron
- Colorsteel
- Polycarbonate roofing
- Asphalt roofing
- Metal roofing
- Slate

...and anything else you can think of!

Do I need a permit to re-roof my house in Auckland Central?

There are a few variables when it comes to Building Consents and roofing. The Roofing Association of New Zealand states that “New roofing as part of the construction of a new dwelling or an extension being built on an existing dwelling WILL REQUIRE a Building Consent”, “Re-roofing of an existing dwelling MAY REQUIRE a Building Consent”, “A Building Consent MAY ALSO BE REQUIRED for other structural roofing work (e.g. repitching the roof)” and “If the roof is being replaced as it has failed its durability requirements under the Building Code, i.e., lasted less than 15 years, then a Building Consent will be required”. The bottom line is that you should always check with a professional before beginning any roofing work - just to be safe. 

How much does it cost to re-roof a house in Auckland Central?

The cost of re-roofing can vary considerably, depending on the type of roofing your home requires, the size of the project and any existing damage that needs to be dealt with. A corrugated iron roof replacement of an average-sized New Zealand home, for example, might cost around $50,000* once you take into account the roofing repairs that typically come with re-roofing older homes. If you are re-roofing with copper or slate, expect to pay a significantly higher price.  

How will Refresh Auckland Central provide me with effective roofing solutions?

Refresh uses a thorough design and build process which has been created to make renovations easier for homeowners. When you work with Refresh, you won’t need to worry about hiring and scheduling-in a roofer, builder, plasterer, painter, electrician and whoever else your project may require. You’ll simply work with one project manager who will take care of everything for you - scheduling in their team of highly-skilled tradespeople and supervising the project through to completion.

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*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change.