Townhouse kitchen and laundry renovation in Sheridan Terrace, Wellington

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kitchen renovation, this 1980s build was transformed into a contemporary home.

With modern materials and a fresh colour palette, this 1980s build was transformed into a contemporary home.

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Well-connected to the city centre, this semi-detached townhouse is situated north of Wellington, offering a retreat from busy modern life.
Eager to give their family home an upgrade, the homeowners got in touch with Refresh Renovations. They were soon paired up with Mark Morrison, their local Renovation Specialist, who led them through the project from design to construction.

The Vision

In the early stages, Mark focused on their key objectives. They wanted to replace their dated kitchen, upgrade the laundry, and revamp the main living area with fresh paint. These rooms combined to 65 square metres of renovation space. 
After running through the intentions of the project, Mark began preparing the concept which was soon refined into detailed working drawings and processed by a Quantity Surveyor. In this final process, the costs were evaluated to accurately include the necessary work from all trades.  
The experts required included plumbers, builders, electricians, plasterers, painters, tilers, concrete drillers, cleaners and signage installers.

Meeting the Challenges

Mark and the local renovation team had originally forecasted the project to take 49 days. But as construction began, the renovation team came across a couple of unexpected challenges that needed tending to.
As the builders began work, they found rot in the external walls along with an engineering issue. Where they were meant to install a new door, they found the wall had been constructed as a bracing wall. This was the result of poor design work on the original build and required the renovation team to have engineering done during the renovation rather than beforehand.
These challenges forced the project to extend by 9 days out to a 58-day timeline. With this extension also came the need to increase the budget. As extra work and materials were needed for the renovation to be successful, the budget shifted from $50k to the final amount of $66,244.

Beautiful Fixtures

With the structure of the townhouse repaired and updated, the renovation team were left with a clean space to revitalise. In the design process, the homeowners had chosen fresh but subdued colours to open the space and modernise the interior. 
Looking at the kitchen and connected laundry, they opted for white cabinetry with silver fittings to compliment their brand new appliances. And to make a statement? Soft blue subway tiles were chosen for the splashback along with an elegant, engineered stone benchtop. 
To further enhance the environment of the open-plan living room, the walls were freshly painted and new flooring was installed throughout the kitchen, laundry, dining, and lounge. Replaced with contemporary vinyl flooring, the new walking space now features cool tones and wood textures that bring warmth from the natural look.
A final feature worth checking out is the door between the kitchen and laundry. Instead of going with standard paint, here the homeowners opted for whiteboard paint to make it a little more than just a door. This fun element gives the family a unique place to write shopping lists and get creative.

Final Thoughts

The homeowners couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the renovation which has delivered a complete transformation of their townhouse. Modern, light, and full of high-quality fixtures, this home makes an excellent canvas for their eclectic furnishings and colourful decor.

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This project was completed in
November 2020
Project description
A modern kitchen and laundry renovation
New Zealand
Project duration
58 days
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Rot found in external walls.
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Mark Morrison is Renovation Consultant of Morrison Enterprises Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Wellington

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