Tasteful Exterior Renovation Transforms a Two-Storey Townhouse in Johnsonville, Wellington

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Repairing and painting the roof and exterior of this home has made the building a standout in its neighbourhood.

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Making Plans for a Fresh Look 

Dissatisified with the dull exterior of his home, Ewan reached out to his local Refresh Renovations consultant, Lia Boersma. The overall appearance of his Johnsonville townhouse was slightly run-down, with roof damage and problematic window seals - not a good look in Wellington’s windy environment. 
Ewan knew he needed to take care of some home building maintenance such as upgrading the roof and replacing the outdoor steps. However, he also wanted to give the whole house a coat of paint to give it a fresh new look.
Lia helped Ewan plan and design his renovation. In addition to the major tasks already on the list, they included further details such as outdoor lights, window joinery and a new garage door, all of which would help Ewan achieve the refreshed look he was after. 

The Project Budget

The original cost estimate for this project was $100,000, but during the renovation, an internal gutter adjoining the neighbouring property suddenly sprang a leak. Fixing this issue was completely unexpected and out of scope, but Ewan asked Lia for help in managing the repair. The internal gutter fix, along with a few other additions, meant the overall cost of the renovation increased to $115,000.  
Ewan was happy with the budget, even with the extras. They were all making a difference to improving the house for the future and the ease of having Lia organise the gutter fix was worth it, ending up more cost-effective in the long run. 

A Well-Coordinated Construction Effort

The Refresh Renovation team carried out the full project management for this renovation, under the expert guidance of Lia and Sashti, the project manager. 
For the roofing and paintwork to be done on the house, which is split across three levels including the garage, required a full team of scaffolders, along with other skilled tradespeople such as window joiners. Although the start of the project was delayed until roofers were available, Lia coordinated all the trade teams, including builders, roofers, painters, electricians, scaffolders and window joiners to pull off the renovation seamlessly. 
Throughout the process, Ewan was able to sit back and observe, without having to worry about coordinating anything himself. When the internal gutter started leaking, Ewan was relieved to be able to hand over the challenge to Lia who was able to organise for the team of roofers to come back and make the complicated repair. The gutters were changed quickly, saving Ewan time, effort, and costly damage.
Sashti initially allowed six weeks to fully complete the renovation. His excellent management skills meant the project ran to schedule, enabling Ewan to enjoy the results of his renovation.

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A Vibrant New Look

The new look is a dramatic change from the previously tired exterior. The townhouse, which sits raised on a hill and backs onto native bush, is now a standout in the neighbourhood. 
The weathered grey roof has been fully repaired and transformed into a bright fluoro orange, which contrasts beautifully with the white exterior paint. Resene paints were chosen for this renovation and the quality and colour palette are clearly great choices. The exterior of the house now has a much more welcoming feel. 
The new Le Doors colour steel garage door adds polish, giving the whole exterior a tidy appearance and giving Ewan a lot more pleasure in his garage than before. 
The bedrooms and office have sleek new windows, thanks to Nebulite window joinery. Fresh paint in the interior rooms has made Ewan’s home feel reinvigorated inside as well.  

Final Thoughts

Ewan is delighted with the result and how the thoughtfully chosen details have transformed his home’s appearance from run-of-the-mill to superb. He was impressed with the smooth execution of the renovation, and how it came together on time and largely within his original budget. 

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This project was completed in
June 2022
Project description
Exterior paint job and roof repair
New Zealand
Project duration
6 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
An unexpected internal gutter leak
Interesting aspects
The roof has been repainted in a bold fluoro orange
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