An Improved First Impression for Character Villa in Island Bay, Wellington

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An Improved First Impression for Character Villa in Island Bay, Wellington

Happy with their initial Refresh Renovations experience, these homeowners came back with a second project to upgrade their home’s curb appeal.

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Meeting for a Second Time

Island Bay is one of the capital’s most desirable suburbs, a destination point for the popular City to Sea Walkway. But harsh weather conditions recur at this Cook Strait location. Sea spray and strong winds can cause property exteriors to deteriorate over time. So, at nearly a century old, it’s no surprise that the exterior of this distinctive ‘up-and-down’ two-storey Wellington villa needed some TLC.
The weatherboards were rotting, the general exterior had warped, paint was peeling and covered with moss, the metal roof was rusting, and joinery needed replacing. Inside, the windows were frequently sweating, a common issue for Wellingtonians living in older houses. 
With summer approaching, homeowners Megan and Rebecca decided they were done with constant condensation. And, after their wonderful experience with Renovation Consultant Lia Boersma who had previously managed an upgrade of their home’s bathroom, there was no question about who to call. 

Talking Budget and Clever Solutions

Megan and Rebecca made it clear that this renovation was budget led, so they were keen to utilise the costing and concept phases of the Refresh process to get a clear picture of what they could achieve on their $150,000 budget.
Lia explained that some work was unavoidable to ensure quality. She had also suggested some money-saving solutions that wouldn’t compromise the desired results. For example, she suggested restoring the window sashes to make them functional again, solving the weatherproofing and condensation issues for a fraction of the cost of installing new windows. Expert advice like this is how professional project management saves homeowners both time and money.

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Finishing in Time for the Holidays

Megan and Rebecca wanted to have the renovation completed by Christmas, which would require a quick turnaround. So, Lia and her Project Manager, Danielle Paul, worked out the best way to organise scaffolding and construction within the short timeline. 
The project required several tradespeople to work together seamlessly and in a specific sequence. It took careful planning to coordinate, but Lia and Danielle pulled it off. 
Unpredictable spring weather, supply chain issues, and other factors threatened the finish date. At almost the last minute, an essential piece of fretwork machinery broke down, a mishap beyond anyone’s control. Lia and Danielle tracked down a supplier who could produce and deliver the eave brackets at short notice, thereby keeping the project on schedule. The renovation was completed within the planned nine-week timeline.

A Charming Facade

The finished result enhances the two-storey villa’s character and gives the home a striking street front appearance.
The black, white, and grey colour scheme that Megan and Rebecca chose is understated, allowing details to stand out. With the cladding in a soft grey and most of the woodwork white, the black front door, eave brackets, and new metal roof create an elegant colour contrast. 
Above the front door, a custom-made leadlight bearing the home’s street number provides a subtle yet unique Art Deco touch. The intricate woodwork of the window mouldings, eave brackets, and lattices reveal the high level of craftsmanship at work during the renovation. Overall, each component of this renovation was performed and delivered to a gold standard.

Final Thoughts

Lia and Danielle’s attention to detail and exemplary planning skills were evident throughout this renovation, which delivered top quality results on time and within budget. Megan and Rebecca are delighted with the outcome as they were after their first project with Lia.

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April 2022
Project description
Happy with their initial Refresh Renovations experience, these homeowners came back with a second project to upgrade their home’s curb appeal.
New Zealand
Project duration
9 weeks
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Inclement weather and broken machinery
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A custom-made leadlight
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