Rental Property Transformation in Hamersley, Perth

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Rental Property Transformation in Hamersley, Perth

After over 20 years of consistent tenancies, this Hamersley rental property was finally vacant and ready for renovation.

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The Initial Consultation

Fifteen minutes from downtown Perth and 10 minutes to Trigg Beach lies Hamersley, a suburb filled with single-family homes and duplex developments. This is where homeowner David has had this three-bedroom one-bathroom income-generating property for two decades. 
Over the years, this Hamersley house has been called home by three long-term tenants. After the most recent tenancy ended, David took the opportunity to give the property a complete makeover, to reposition it firmly in the competitive rental market. Given the scale and potential complexity of the work, he contacted Refresh Renovations.
Their Perth Renovation Consultant spoke at length with David about his goal for refreshing the property. He wanted to strip out much of the living area, install new flooring, and repaint the entire house. David also wanted to add a laundry room and bathroom, landscape the front and backyards, and update the garage. To provide David with a better idea of what it would take to achieve these significant changes, their Renovation Consultant went to work assessing the scope.

A Highly Competitive Market

The 1970s property was in very good condition, especially considering it had been used as a rental, but there was no doubt it was dated and in need of a revamp. Everything David wanted to accomplish with the renovation required a generous investment. 
Before meeting with their Renovation Consultant, David’s original budget was $100,000, but after their initial consultation, it was clear his goals and budget were not aligned. The Renovation Consultant explained that Perth’s red-hot property market had caused construction costs to soar. To increase the income potential of the property (David’s main goal), an increased investment was necessary. Upon confirming the scope of the project, the Renovation Consultant calculated the final quote to be $165,000.

Some Things Change, Others Stay the Same

Perth’s surging housing market also meant skilled tradespeople were in high demand, making it virtually impossible for homeowners managing their own renovations to find reliable contractors. The Renovation Consultant was both diligent and resourceful, utilising his professional connections to successfully assemble the best team for the project.
Some characteristics of the home, including a beautiful arched doorway and interior brick wall, were worth preserving, so the crew worked meticulously during demolition, keeping those charming features intact.
Much of the home had timber flooring under the old carpet and linoleum: a flooring specialist refurbished them, repositioning the timber floors as a showpiece in the home’s transformed interior. Having the flooring specialist on-site was handy as the massive cracks in the sunroom’s subfloor needed repair as well. Carpeting, vinyl, and tiles were installed throughout the rest of the home to complete the flooring makeover. 
As work continued on the interior, outside the crew erected a new pergola and replaced the worn brick patio with new grey pavers. They also pressure-washed the roof, installed an automator for the garage door, and repainted the garage floor.

A Sunny Social Area

Retaining some of the home’s original character in the new design was a far-sighted decision. While the renovated home is replete with modern upgrades, it still carries the 70s charm that’s so popular today. The ambience is particularly noticeable in the sunroom - the built-in timber bar, wood-burning stove, and unique geometric iron feature in the doorway. The freshness from painting the exposed beams white, combined with the white rattan pendant lights, gives a bright and welcoming feel to the space. 
Off the lounge, the laundry room has been updated with new stone benchtops, a built-in sink, and plenty of cabinet space, with the additional toilet and shower positioned at the back. The chrome finishings echo those in the main bathroom, where the bathtub has been raised and retiled. The frameless shower gives renters the flexibility to utilise the space as a wet room or to add a curtain for a more traditional, private shower. 

A Beautifully Finished Rental 

The kitchen’s U-shape stayed the same but replacing the separate cooktop and oven with a combined gas unit is more practical and creates more usable bench space. The bright white palette and timeless subway tiled splashback are a welcome departure from the previous dark, dated wood kitchen.
The bulky retro fireplace has gone from the lounge and the dark brick wall painted a crisp white, complementing its opposite side in the kitchen. New lighting and fresh paint have made a world of difference; now, the living area is spacious and bright. All three bedrooms have stunning refurbished timber floors and new slim-profile roller blinds.

Final Thoughts

David’s primary motivation for upgrading his rental property was to increase its income potential: the Renovation Consultants’ renovation has provided an incredible 60% increase. Undoubtedly, the additional bathroom, modern finishes, restored features, and transformed outdoor spaces have contributed to that. David is happy with the results and proud to make this lovely home available once more to tenants.

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This project was completed in
April 2022
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Project description
After over 20 years of consistent tenancies, this Hamersley rental property was finally vacant and ready for renovation.
Project duration
3 months
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Perth’s extremely competitive housing market
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