A Beautiful Whole House Transformation and Second-Storey Extension In Melrose Park, Sydney

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open plan kitchen renovation with modern white colours

Renovation Consultants Scott and Narelle dreamed of transforming an outdated single-storey property into a stylish family home. Utilising their project management skills and industry connections, they’ve created a stunning five-bedroom haven with an en suite, pool, and spacious open-plan living area.

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An In-depth Introduction

As Refresh Renovation Consultants, Scott and Narelle are used to seeing impressive transformations come to life. However, nothing could have prepared them for the outcome of their latest project.
They share a true passion for renovations and have moved four times within the last six years. Each move is a chance to complete a bigger and better renovation than the one before, and their vision this time was to transform a small, rundown single-storey property into a spacious and modern family home. 
No area was to be left untouched, and the plan was to add an additional storey, completely refurbish the ground floor, and add a pool to the backyard. Scott’s aptitude for project management combined with Narelle’s practical skills make them a great team, and they looked forward to getting started.

Expert Advice

Scott and Narelle always make their clients aware of the importance of thorough planning and used this same approach when renovating their own home. They started by considering what they wanted to achieve and then had concept drawings created to get an idea of how their finished project would look.
Their original budget was $500,000 but, with COVID an ongoing concern, they knew there could be unforeseen delays or expenses. The main priority was to create a beautiful home that their family would enjoy living in, and one that would be attractive to potential buyers in the future. Once they were happy that the drawings captured their vision, it was time to start pulling everything together.
In their roles as Renovation Consultants, Scott and Narelle have established a strong network of trusted contractors and suppliers. Reaching out to their connections gave them assurance that they’d receive a high-quality renovation for a fair price. Just as they would for a client project, they created a detailed timeline and scheduled when different trades would be required on-site. With everything in place, it was time to get to work.

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A New Look, Inside and Out

An enormous amount of work was required to achieve the desired result, but careful planning ensured that everything ran smoothly despite some unexpected surprises along the way.
 The project required contractors across several different trades – builders, plumbers, electricians, decorators, and more. Meticulous preparation ensured that everyone worked well together and knew what needed to be done.
The project went over the initial budget for several reasons, but Scott and Narelle were anticipating this and had already set money aside. Three months of rain when scaffolding and other hired equipment was on-site meant additional charges for these essentials. New piering was required despite no outward evidence of decay in the footings of the solid double brick home, and there were also labour and material shortages due to COVID, leading to unavoidable delays.
Elements of the original design were adjusted to minimise the increased costs, including changes to the internal finishes. As Renovation Consultants, Scott and Narelle pride themselves on their flexibility and ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Despite the many challenges of this project, they were both thrilled with the final result.

The Finished Result

Scott and Narelle’s home looks absolutely amazing, and people have questioned whether it was a knockdown rebuild or renovation. The whole property has been reclad, seamlessly blending the second-storey extension in with the rest of the property.
The new dining area has beautiful glass doors that open out to the pool area and a perfectly manicured backyard, creating an easy flow between indoors and outside. The open-plan downstairs creates space for the whole family to spend time together, and the large upstairs bedrooms all benefit from luxurious walk-in wardrobes.
The kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room have been completely transformed and two new bathrooms added. Floating stairs provide a contemporary look, and new solar panels have been installed. The electricity generated from these can be used to heat the new pool, meaning the family can enjoy a swim all year round while saving money on energy costs.

Final Thoughts

The property is completely unrecognisable, and despite taking longer than expected to complete, the results are totally worth it. Scott and Narelle have created a beautiful home where they can make lasting memories with their children, and know they’ll make a substantial return on their investment if they decide to sell the property in the future. 

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This project was completed in
October 2022
Project description
Whole house transformation
Ryde & Paramatta
Project duration
12 months
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Poor weather conditions alongside material and labour shortages due to COVID
Interesting aspects
The new pool is heated using energy generated from the property’s solar panels
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Narelle Randell is Renovation Consultant of Narscott Projects Pty Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Australia PTY Ltd, doing business in Sydney.

Scott Randell is Renovation Consultant of Narsott Projects Pty Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Australia PTY Ltd, doing business in Sydney.

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