A Luxurious Whole House Renovation in Doncaster, Melbourne

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black and wood kitchen renovation

High-quality fixtures and fittings have transformed this 1980s home and created a stylish new look, with a luxurious bathroom, contemporary kitchen, and a revamped laundry.

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The Initial Consultation

Paul’s Melbourne home hadn’t been updated since it was built in the 1980s. He wanted to transform his entire property including the main bathroom, en suite, laundry, and kitchen. A fresh coat of paint and new carpets were also required throughout the Doncaster property.
He arranged an initial consultation with Refresh Renovation Consultant, Paul Cree, and together they discussed what Paul wanted to achieve as well as the different options available. Paul’s priority was to have a high-quality renovation and he was flexible regarding the budget. 

Creating A Plan

Planning a renovation of this size can be challenging, but the team at Refresh were on hand to provide expert advice and guidance. Concept drawings were created for review and amendment before the more detailed plans were drawn up.
Paul wanted to create a luxurious home that he could enjoy for years to come, and using premium materials was more of a priority than staying within his initial budget. Once the plans were finalised, a full cost breakdown had been provided and signed off, and the contractors scheduled, it was time for the transformation to begin. 
Even though it would increase the length of time the project would take, Paul wanted to remain living in his home while the work was carried out. Renovation Consultant Paul Cree was happy to accommodate this and carefully scheduled when different trades were required on-site to ensure that everything ran smoothly. 

Getting To Work

Paul was able to carry on with daily life while the renovation was underway. The careful scheduling kept any disruption or inconvenience to a minimum; for example, the bathrooms were completed one at a time to avoid any loss of facilities. Paul Cree maintained full and regular consultation and was always available to welcome the contractors and answer any queries. 
But, despite the meticulous planning, there were some unexpected surprises along the way.

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Unexpected Challenges

Paul chose a beautiful stone bathtub for the master bathroom, but it was too heavy to be carried up the stairs. Quick thinking by the team led to a crane being used to lift it to the second-floor balcony, a much easier route to the bathroom.
An induction cooktop was initially planned for the kitchen, but there was insufficient space for it. So, a practical and stylish commercial-grade gas cooktop was the suggested alternative. Happy with this compromise, Paul was pleased he could retain the kitchen’s original marble countertops.
Unavoidable delays because of supply issues led to the project taking slightly longer than expected. Paul was kept updated every step of the way and the Refresh team did everything they could to minimise these disruptions.
The resourcefulness and flexibility of Renovation Consultant Paul Cree reduced the impact of these challenges. Using Refresh meant other elements of the project could be completed when delays were experienced elsewhere. Once every aspect had been addressed, it was time to unveil the finished result.

A Stunning Transformation

Paul’s home has undergone an extraordinary transformation and is now totally unrecognisable from before. Sleek and modern fixtures and fittings contribute to the high-quality finish throughout.
In the bathroom, the large stone bathtub takes centre stage and is accompanied by a spacious walk-in shower. Solid marble tiles combine with brushed copper tapware to create a luxurious finish, and a double sink adds extra convenience.
The original marble kitchen benchtop looks fantastic combined with sleek wooden cabinetry and top-of-the-range appliances. The new breakfast bar is the ideal place to enjoy a quick bite to eat or spend time together while preparing food, and the timber flooring has been sanded down and polished to create a more contemporary look.
The cramped laundry is now a stylish and functional space, with ample storage and neutral tiling. Throughout the rest of the property, light-coloured carpets and curtains enhance the abundance of natural light, and new furniture provides the finishing touches to a stylish look that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

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This project was completed in
September 2022
Project description
Whole house renovation
Project duration
4.5 months
Cost estimate
Actual cost
The stone bathtub was too heavy to be carried up the stairs and had to be lifted using a crane.
Interesting aspects
Solid marble tiling in the bathroom combines with brushed copper tapware to create a luxurious feel.
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