Waikato Kitchen Installers

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If you’ve been thinking about carrying out a kitchen renovation in Waikato, your local Refresh Renovations team can help. They will take care of every aspect for you, including kitchen design, costings, consents, supply orders, scheduling and project management. 

What kitchen installation services can Refresh take care of?

Refresh can take care of all of your kitchen renovation and installation needs, including:
- Bespoke kitchen designs
- Kitchen renovations
- Range hood installations
- Backsplash installations 
- Kitchen fittings
- Cabinet installations
- Dishwasher installation
- Countertop installation
- Kitchen sink installation
- Construction
- Flooring installation
- Plumbing & electrical
- Painting and decorating

How much do kitchen installations cost in New Zealand?

New Zealand’s Refresh Renovations Consultants have completed kitchen renovations ranging from approximately $30,000 - $200,000*. When you work with Refresh, you’ll be provided with a clear guide of the costs involved before any work begins. Your local Refresh team will work with you to develop a design that works with your budget - whether this allows for a practical and attractive makeover or a high-end kitchen remodel.  

What kitchen styles are popular in Waikato?

Modern designs with open-plan layouts are hugely popular in Waikato kitchens. Low-maintenance materials, storage and appliances are key to this style. Central islands are common within modern and updated kitchens as they provide a hub for families and social gatherings. Other than that, light and fresh colour palettes are the current trend as they provide a base for further personalisation.  

How does the Refresh design and build process work?

Refresh’s carefully designed process has been created to make life easier for renovating homeowners. By allowing an experienced renovation team to take care of your project’s planning, costings, consents and project management; you can enjoy a high-quality renovation with minimal disruption to your daily routine. Central aspects to the Refresh process include exceptional customer service, experienced problem solving, detailed project management and an unheard-of level of dedication to completing your project on time and within your budget. 

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*costs are rough estimates and are subject to change.