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Whether you are looking into renovating an existing bathroom or adding an additional bathroom to your home’s layout, Refresh Renovations Waikato can help. Your local Renovation Consultant will take you through Refresh’s step-by-step process, providing a friendly and organised renovation experience as well as a high-quality bathroom result.  

What bathroom design services do Refresh Renovations Waikato offer?

Refresh offers a bespoke design and build process that covers every stage of a bathroom renovation project, including:
- Bathroom design
- Planning
- Costings
- Consents
- Bathroom renovations
- Bathroom remodelling
- Bathroom extensions
- Bathroom additions
- Construction
- Bathroom tiling
- Bathroom fittings
- Plumbing and electrical
- Painting and decorating
- + more

How much do bathroom renovations cost in New Zealand?

Throughout New Zealand, Refresh Renovations Consultants have carried out bathroom renovations ranging from approximately $20,000 - $95,000*. If your budget falls on the lower end of this price range, expect to mainly make cosmetic changes to your bathroom within an existing layout. If your budget falls within the high-end of this spectrum, you should easily be able to make structural, layout, bathroom ware and cosmetic changes to your bathroom - resulting in a completely new looking space. Whatever your budget is, it’s best to speak with a Renovation Consultant to gain a clear understanding of what can be achieved within your budget.  

What bathroom styles are common in New Zealand?

Modern bathrooms are extremely popular in New Zealand. This style is particularly useful for those who are looking to optimise their small bathroom layout as modern bathroom ware and decor is ideal for making compact spaces feel larger and functional. Luxury bathrooms are also a renovation aspiration for many homeowners, particularly when they include spa baths, double vanities, custom walk-in shower designs and high-end floor-to-ceiling tiling - among other high-end features. 

How does the Refresh design and build process work?

Refresh’s systems and processes have been designed to make life much easier for renovating homeowners. When you work with a Refresh Renovation Consultant, your entire project will be managed for you and you’ll be provided with thorough support throughout your project’s design and planning stages. If you are looking for expert advice, innovative solutions and a high-quality result, talk to your local specialist today! 

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*costs are rough estimates and are subject to change.