Second-floor renovation for 80s home in Wattle Grove, NSW

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Second-floor renovation for 80s home in Wattle Grove, NSW

These clients modernised their home by restructuring their second floor and revamping the interiors throughout.

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The vision

Situated in suburban Wattle Grove, this property’s 80s framework was ready for an upgrade to become more supportive of the modern lifestyle; in form and function.
Eager to explore their possibilities for construction, these clients contacted Michael Beshara, their local Renovation Specialist, for his expertise and guidance. When working with the architect, Michael and the clients found the ultimate solution was to restructure the second floor and make small, yet significant, changes throughout the entire home.
The chosen concept detailed a comprehensive shift of the upstairs framework to make way for a third bedroom, installation of two walk-in wardrobes, and reconstruction of the two bathrooms. Alongside these changes, the rest of the home was to be modernised by revamping features such as the staircase and carpeting.

Costing and timeline

There was a firm budget of $150k in place right from the beginning.  This number needed sticking to as tightly as possible. Despite the project size and expectations, Michael and his renovation team made it happen by working closely with the clients to understand their goals in detail.
The estimated timeline for building was set across 11 weeks. With a due date for completion set on Christmas Eve, Michael worked diligently to see the project finished in time for the family’s Christmas celebrations. It was a high-pressure task. But also one that Michael was capable of achieving. 
“Michael and his team were excellent to deal with. They committed to a time frame and budget and were able to stick to it with no surprises along the way” - the client.

Making the process comfortable

Throughout construction, the clients remained living in the home. As the larger part of the renovation was located upstairs, Michael went to great lengths to ensure the building process wouldn’t disrupt the clients in their downstairs living area.
His solution was to build a bridge that enabled the construction team to avoid walking through the house and get straight to the second floor. This method proved to be an excellent strategy as it helped the tradesmen manage tasks faster while also providing invaluable comfort and privacy to the clients.

Elegant bathrooms

When redesigning the bathrooms, it was vital for the interiors to feel relaxing and have a refined, contemporary aesthetic. To achieve this look, a variety of high-end materials with neutral colouring were selected and used in both the master ensuite and main bathroom.
Features include warm-toned wooden flat-panel cabinetry, engineered quartz stone benchtops, and pedestal sinks. Combined with dark ceramic tiling for the floors, the new instalments give an air of elegance to the bathrooms. Final additions of the deep corner bath and modern shower/tapware fixtures certainly make these spaces a place to relax.

Spacious bedrooms

The most crucial goal of this project was to create space; more space for people to sleep and more room for storage. Michael and his renovation team achieved this by carefully restructuring the original layout.
In this process, both bathrooms needed shifting to make room for a third bedroom. The windows were also reconfigured to create aesthetic harmony and maximise the amount of natural light entering the rooms.
The results gave exactly what the clients had dreamt; creation of another bedroom without shrinking the existing two. Michael notes “the clients love it and say it feels spacious and comfortable.” 
During construction, the team also built two beautiful walk-in wardrobes. Providing ample storage and easy accessibility, the functionality of each space perfectly supports the pace of modern living. 

Features that modernise

Although the majority of the renovation focused on the second floor, the design upgrade still included a few significant changes to be made throughout the home. 
The standout instalment? It’s undoubtedly the U-shaped staircase. The connective walkway makes a gentle statement and offers a warm welcoming with its red-toned timber risers and railing. Paired with freshly painted walls and plush new carpeting, the entire home has been revamped with touches of modern luxury. 

Just in time for Christmas

As the clients desired, Michael endeavoured to see the project finished in time for Christmas. With stringent project management, he and his construction team completed the renovation on deadline while still to an excellent standard of quality.
The clients were thrilled with the beautiful transformation that turned their 80s property into a modern home for suburban living. When asked about the artistry of Michael and his team, the client noted: “I would use them for future renovations.”

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This project was completed in
December 2020
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Project description
These clients modernised their home by restructuring their second floor and revamping the interiors throughout.
Project duration
11 weeks
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