A new bedroom, ensuite and wardrobe in Melbourne

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This house extension resulted in a new master bedroom, ensuite and walk-in wardrobe.

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Interested in enjoying more space within their Melbourne home, these homeowners contacted Refresh Renovations to find out if the company would be the right fit for their project. They were put in touch with local Renovation Specialist Paul Cree who met with them in a free consultation to discuss their needs.

House renovation wish-list

“Our clients’ brief was to add a master bedroom with an ensuite and walk-in wardrobe to the house”, explains Paul. “Prior to the renovation, the house only had one bathroom and average-sized bedrooms. The driver behind the renovation was to address the lack of a spacious master bedroom and the single toilet to modernise the layout, making it more suitable for a family, whilst also adding value to the property. 
Working with Refresh meant that the homeowners could rely on a specialist to take care of their renovation planning, design, build and installations. During the design stage, the utmost care was taken to ensure that the design for the new ground floor extension matched the existing house. Once this design was approved, Paul’s team were able to move on to the build stage of the project.

House extension

At the back of the property, the house was extended to include a spacious master bedroom, modern ensuite and walk-in wardrobe. To maintain consistency, new timber flooring was installed in the new space and throughout the rest of the home. On the home’s exterior, Paul’s team paid special attention to the bricks that they chose. 
“We were challenged with finding an exact match of the original brickwork due to the particular bricks no longer being available”, says Paul. “Our solution was to use two different brick colours to match the current home’s variation in the colours of the brickwork. This resulted in a great match and the clients are very happy.”

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A new master bedroom, ensuite and walk-in wardrobe

Originally, it was estimated that the extension would take four months to complete. However, within three months of work, Paul was able to present the homeowners with their new master bedroom, ensuite and walk-in wardrobe - not to mention the fresh new flooring throughout their home.
“The renovation was extremely smooth and the client was very responsive and used our customer portal to communicate”, explains Paul. “His quick response and open communication was one of the key reasons this job was completed earlier than expected.”

Final thoughts

Thanks to the team’s clever problem solving, the new extension looks like it was there all along. New bricks consistently flow on from the rest of the home’s exterior while the new flooring flows into the new interiors. In the ensuite, a modern design paired with a simple colour palette makes the space low-maintenance, relaxing and functional.  The bedroom and walk-in wardrobe follow the basic “less-is-more” principles of Scandinavian design, providing plenty of room for ongoing personalisation.  
“With the extension, the house is a four-bedroom and two-bathroom home”, says Paul. “Looking at the house now you would not know there was an extension added.”

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This project was completed in
November 2020
Project description
Master bedroom, ensuite and walk-in wardrobe addition + new flooring throughout
Project duration
3 months
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Matching new bricks to the home's existing brickwork
Interesting aspects
Sliding cavity doors separate adult's and children's spaces
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Paul Cree is Renovation Consultant of Zennix Pty Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise , doing business in Melbourne.

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