Cosmetic Upgrade turned Property Rescue in Miramar, Wellington

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Homeowners are usually flooded with inspiration when it comes to renovating their property. But in this case, it was the home that was flooded after a heavy rainstorm.

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The Initial Consultation

Helen, the owner of this two-storey Miramar townhouse, felt her kitchen area could use a fresh look. She was also interested in adopting a more user-friendly design in anticipation of the golden years ahead. She reached out to Refresh Renovations for professional guidance and connected with local Wellington Renovation Consultant, Lia Boersma. 
When Lia visited Helen’s property for their initial consultation, she noted considerable damage to the flooring, cabinetry, and benchtops, all of which were high priorities on Helen’s to-do list. Better use of space and additional light fixtures weren’t far behind either.  

Navigating Challenges

Once she’d gained an understanding of Helen’s renovation goals, Lia engaged her in-house designer, Tina Daisley, for the concept phase. The three discussed every level of detail so Lia could define the project’s full scope and arrange for a cost estimate. In addition to Helen’s original ideas, the concept design included plastering and painting, a tiled splashback, and the installation of a new hot water cylinder and rangehood. The all-inclusive estimate came to just under $82,000. 
Helen was happy with the value she was getting for the cost and was eager to move forward. Unfortunately, a week before the project was slated to start, a rainstorm hit Wellington and caused flooding and damage to Helen’s lounge. 
Lia returned to assess the situation and come up with solutions; Helen opted to renovate all the damaged areas. With new flooring, window and wall lining replacements, and paint, the new total came to just under $120,000. While this was unexpected and less than ideal, the silver lining was that Helen was about to get a beautiful new living area. And that was exciting!  

Smooth Construction

Once all the details were ironed out, Helen took off on holiday to avoid living in an active construction zone. All tradespeople and suppliers were organised through Lia’s network of industry professionals and managed on-site by Sashti, her in-house Project Manager. Sashti anticipated a five-week timeline, but with the variations caused by the storm damage, an extra two weeks were added for the additional work. 
Though the sudden flooding added to the project’s scope, Lia and Sashti arranged for the builders to work alongside other trades over the extended schedule which helped everything remain balanced and within budget. Luckily, the storm before the build was their biggest obstacle and the construction phase went smoothly, finishing in the anticipated seven weeks.

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A Beautifully Functional Kitchen

Tina’s kitchen design balances aesthetic appeal with Helen’s desire for functionality. Previously, the cabinet’s handles were oddly high and low, putting them just out of convenient reach. The new warm-toned timber-look cabinetry is sleek and modern with simple drawer pulls. 
To free up bench space, the microwave has a dedicated nook within the upper cabinets and adjoining open shelving holds high-traffic items like tea and mugs. A turquoise coloured splashback with a rippled texture creates a bold but complementary contrast to the cabinetry. Functional essentials like upgraded lighting, smartly placed power outlets, and a sink with a built-in draining area finish off Helen's kitchen makeover. 

An Unexpected but Lovely Lounge

Despite the living area being renovated out of necessity, the new space looks fabulous. The grey Berber carpet in the lounge and running up the stairs is the perfect choice for high traffic areas, given its durability. Downlights installed in both the kitchen and sitting areas will be perfect for cosy evenings. Fresh paint adds a subtle hint of colour to the design in a muted turquoise, which plays nicely off the kitchen splashback.

Final Thoughts

Lia and her skilled team delivered a fantastic renovation that looks fresh and functions flawlessly. The kitchen splashback and extended tiling have proved to be a crowd favourite. Despite the unfortunate circumstances in the beginning, the project was a complete success and Helen had a beautiful new home to return to after her much-needed holiday.

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This project was completed in
June 2022
Project description
Kitchen and Lounge Renovation
New Zealand
Project duration
7 weeks
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Actual cost
Extended scope caused by unexpected weather events
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A turquoise splashback
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