A bright and modern renovated kitchen in Auckland

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Renovation specialist Alex Wong helped these homeowners achieve a bright and modern new kitchen.

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Originally, this Auckland kitchen featured recessed lighting, outdated appliances and fittings, inefficient storage and a somewhat bland colour palette. Renovation specialist Alex Wong worked with the homeowners to help them achieve a modern kitchen design and layout.

New kitchen design

Over a two-and-a-half-month period, Alex and his team worked with the homeowners on the details of their design. The customer’s main objectives were to create a new layout and replace the old with the new. For the flooring, this meant replacing the old tiled flooring with new, low-maintenance laminate. It was decided that the dishwasher would be shifted and modern appliances were selected to replace the older models. Modern cabinetry was chosen to enhance the efficiency of the available storage space and, as a personal detail, a new appliance space was specially designed for the client’s coffee machine and jug. Everything, including the lighting and electrics, was considered in the design process. 
Once he had a clear understanding of his client’s specifications, Alex was able to present them with a detailed visual of what their new kitchen would look like and what costs would be involved. From there, he put together his team and scheduled them in to complete each stage of the project. This included builders, a plumber and an electrician.
Alex also supported his clients with the sourcing of materials, and managed the quality of their new kitchen installation. Mitre 10 provided the cabinets, excluding a few which were custom made to the customer’s specifications. Modern, future proof cabinet handles were supplied by Hafele. Laminate floating flooring made the flooring replacement an easy process and, to brighten up the space, new downlights were installed

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Kitchen renovation

When small challenges arose in the design and build, Refresh’s project management process meant that they were swiftly resolved. 
“The blind pantry original hinges wouldn't work for the configuration of the kitchen, as it would swing and hit the draws”, explains Alex. “So we found alternative hinges and a magnet door. Also, the standard wall cabinet would not fit into the space for the appliance area so we had a custom made cabinet built to fit the space and match the new cabinetry.”

The new kitchen

It was a transformation which only took four weeks to complete, leaving the homeowners with a modern, functional and aesthetically pleasing new kitchen.
“We’ve completely modernised the kitchen from what it looked like previously, with new high gloss cabinets and contrasting splashbacks”, tells Alex.
“It’s open-plan, lighter and brighter - the client is very happy with the end result.”

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This project was completed in
December 2019
Project description
Renovating a dated kitchen
Manukau & Eastern Bays
New Zealand
Project duration
4 weeks
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Alex Wong is Renovation Consultant of 2 A T Entrerprises Ltd , a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Manukau and Eastern Bays.

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