A Stylish New Look Inside And Out In Tauranga, Bay Of Plenty

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a new roof for Tauranga house

The decor in this executive-style home had become tired and outdated. Work was required to get the property back to looking its best, including repainting the interior and exterior, new carpets, and updating the stairwell. The result is a beautiful modern home that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

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Time For An Upgrade

Ian and Alex owned a lovely, executive-style home. However, over time the decor had started to appear drab and dated, and they wanted to freshen up the entire property to create a high-quality, modern look.
They knew there was lots of work to be done: both the interior and exterior walls required a fresh coat of paint, the carpets had become worn, and the fascia and decking had completely lost their colour. 
Self-managing the work was an unappealing prospect, as this would involve having to research reliable tradespeople, stay home to greet the contractors, and oversee everything themselves. By enlisting Refresh, they knew they'd be able to focus on their daily life while the work was underway, and receive expert advice to help them make the right decisions. 
They arranged an initial consultation with Refresh Renovation Consultant Sharon Giblett to discuss their ideas and see what could be achieved within their budget. 

Adjusting Expectations

Sharon listened to what Ian and Alex wanted to achieve and arranged for concept designs to be created to show how the finished project could look. 
They originally wanted to include a new bathroom within the scope of the work; however, this would have required building consent and significantly increased the overall cost. Rather than replacing the entire bathroom, they decided that replastering, a fresh coat of paint, mould treatment, and installing a heated towel rail would be sufficient to achieve the result she wanted.
The main priorities were ensuring there was a good seal on the exterior of the property, and creating a high-quality finish throughout. The stairwell also required some improvements to bring it up to code and reduce the risks of accidents occurring. It was decided that the tiles and planking would be stripped away, and a rail installed to prevent children from leaning over the edge.
Having Sharon on hand to provide estimated costs and manage expectations was invaluable and avoided unexpected expenses further down the line. Ian and Alex confirmed they were happy with the plans, and then more detailed working drawings and final costings were obtained. Once they approved these it was time for Sharon to start securing materials and contractors and for the work to begin.

A Smooth Transformation

Unlike self-managed projects, they knew exactly how much their renovation would cost before construction started. They received a quote that included both material and labour costs, and were confident that their project was in safe hands.
The old carpet and underlay were uplifted and replaced, internal and external painting was carried out, the plaster was touched up where necessary, and the existing decking was re-stained. A bespoke rail was required to sit on top of the balustrade, and the manufacturing of this was built into the overall timeframe for the project.
Repainting the entire property both inside and out was a big job, but Sharon was available to oversee the work and make sure everything stayed on track. Scaffolding was erected to carry out work to the property exterior, and careful planning ensured this was in place for as little time as possible. 
The project was carried out during late winter/early spring, and despite some challenging weather conditions impacting the exterior painting, and covid issues impacting the trades availability, Sharon was able to navigate through this and complete the project sooner than originally anticipated.

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A Fresh New Look - Inside And Out

The interior and exterior of the property have been completely transformed. Outside, the walls, garage door, fascia, and decking have all received a fresh coat of colour. The new stain used on the decking creates a striking contrast to the light-coloured paint, and this has created a high-end and stylish look.
Inside, the dated walls and yellowed ceilings have been repainted in lighter shades. This makes every room feel brighter and more spacious, especially when combined with the natural light that floods in through the large windows. 
High-quality carpets add to the luxurious feel throughout the property, and the new balustrade, including the rail designed and manufactured by Fabworx Tauranga, creates an airy and modern look while also improving safety.

Final Thoughts

Sharon was thrilled with the outcome of the project, and said:

“I love the freshness of the new colours. What was once bland and all the same colour now has light, tones, and definition, adding a new brightness to the space.”

Alex and Ian were delighted with their home’s upgraded new look and are pleased they chose Refresh to provide the guidance and support they needed from the design and planning stage through to the end result.

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This project was completed in
December 2022
Project description
Full House Renovation
New Zealand
Ian and Alex
Project duration
3 months
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Some adverse weather due to the project being completed during late winter/early spring
Interesting aspects
New balustrade with a bespoke rail improves safety while modernising the space
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Sharon Giblett is Renovation Consultant of Diamond NZ Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Tauranga.

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