A kitchen renovation in Wellington

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A kitchen renovation in Wellington

The Refresh Renovations Wellington team supported this homeowner in redesigning her kitchen into a space that suited her lifestyle.

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When Wellington homeowner Ellen decided to renovate her townhouse’s kitchen and laundry, she approached local Refresh Renovations Specialist Mark Morrison to see how he and his team could help. Having carried out a smaller renovation project herself in the past, she knew that for this project she wanted to invest in the support of an experienced team. 
“In 2017 we used some equity to replace old window joinery and make some other improvements”, tells Ellen. “I 'managed' the project, as I was home on parental leave, and the results were mixed. The windows, in particular, were a real disappointment as they just weren't finished to the standard we expected and, in hindsight, we see now that it started when we went out for quotes and I should have been clearer about what was in and out of scope. Once they were installed, as a customer I didn't push back about the finish like I feel I should have. So; once burned, twice shy. We felt that for our kitchen project, getting in the experts was money well spent - any other approach would be a false economy.”
In an initial consultation, Mark’s team discussed these priorities, noting down that accessibility and storage were important considerations. 
“Before we had the renovation, we had a small corner next to the stove and, when we got a ceramic top over, the stovetop did double-duty as a bench service”, explains Ellen. “I'm a keen baker, and it just wasn't fit-for-purpose for anyone who enjoyed cooking or baking. The main objectives were to get more bench space so that food preparation was easier and more enjoyable, and to make the space lighter and more integrated with the rest of the downstairs. Another big driver was getting a dishwasher - as a family of four it was essential for us to have one; we'd gone six years and it was time!”

Laundry and kitchen design

Working with Refresh meant that Ellen was offered support and guidance at every stage of her project, and everything was managed for her. Refresh Renovations Consultant Jenelle Winstanley led her through the Refresh process, liaising between Ellen, the project’s designer and Refresh Wellington’s project manager Megan Russell.   
Once an approved design, quote and timeframe were established, Mark’s team scheduled in all of the trades required for the renovation. Megan then oversaw the project, ensuring that it remained consistent with Ellen’s design specifications, budget and timeline.

Laundry and kitchen renovation

Demolition and waste removal were carried out on the original kitchen before its electrical and plumbing work was updated. New plastering and paintwork was completed, along with new flooring, tiling and carpentry works.

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“We really enjoyed working with Mark's team”, tells Ellen. “Janelle was really enthusiastic about our project from the start. Tracy, who was brought in to do the design, really listened to what we wanted and I think the final product really speaks to that. Megan was a great Project Manager. Her communication and engagement with us was great. As with any project, there were some curly ones but we could trust that she was working for the best outcome for us. We also appreciated the app they use for managing the project and communication. It meant there was that added level of transparency with what was going on.”
It was originally estimated that the project would take 46 days to complete, however, Mark’s team managed to complete all works within just 32 days. 

Final thoughts

“It looks great!”, says Megan. “The bevelled 100x200 tiles look really cool. The cabinetmaker did a great job with the design and install.”
“We absolutely love the results!”, concludes Ellen. “I'm in love with all of our bench space - and of course the dishwasher. The way it all integrates with the rest of the downstairs has made it a much more liveable space for our family. Based on our experience, we would totally recommend using this Refresh Renovations franchise.”

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This project was completed in
November 2020
Project description
Kitchen and laundry renovation
New Zealand
Project duration
32 days
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Mark Morrison is Renovation Consultant of Morrison Enterprises Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Wellington

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