Lia Boersma - Wellington
Project description
A modernised interior and exterior.
Nov 2019
Project duration
4 months
Actual cost
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Silkworm LTD in Wellington is an independent Franchisee of Refresh Renovations

Refresh gave this two-storey home a makeover worthy of retiring in. 

WORDS Mina Phillips

As they approached retirement, homeowners Linda and Paul decided that they wanted to stay in their family home rather than move or downsize. The problem was, their home was in a worn condition due to delayed maintenance. As it is a large two-storey house, the couple also wanted to make it more user-friendly for their retirement years. After meeting Refresh Renovations specialist Lia Boersma, they decided that working with Refresh would be the best approach to getting the job done.

The Refresh team had to coordinate about twenty sets of sub-contractors and still delivered within the agreed time frame!

“We had renovated a previous house ourselves and knew this would be a large job”, tells Linda. “We were attracted by the idea of having the work professionally project managed to ensure that it was done on time and to budget. We initially met Lia at a home show and were impressed enough to request a site meeting to talk through what we wanted done.”

A new house design

After discussing the couple’s ideas with them and suggesting solutions, Lia and her team began putting together a design.

“The house had seen a lot of living and needed attention internally and externally”, notes Lia. “So Linda and Paul engaged us to modernise and update it”.  

Linda and Paul had a specific budget in mind, so Lia and her team presented them with a design and quote to match.

“Lia was excellent at preparing the initial quote, finding ways to fit the work we wanted done into our budget, and then overseeing the ongoing work with (construction manager) Milo”, explains Linda. “We were particularly impressed with her estimates as they were pretty much spot on…(She) was unfailingly polite and patient in her dealings with us and managed our expectations well. She also provided good advice about interior design.”

With an agreed-upon design, fixed-quote and timeframe, the Refresh Wellington team got to work. The new design required updates throughout the home. 

House renovation

“It became a major make-over project”, says Lia. “Linda and Paul had to move out for three months.”

The first part of the update involved replacing the existing concrete tiled roof with a modern Colorsteel roof. The rooflines were re-pitched and new spouting and downpipes were installed. From there, maintenance work was carried out on the home exterior, which was followed by a complete repaint.

Moving inside, the team fully insulated the walls and ceiling of the home, repairing and replacing windows and doors as they went - making them weathertight.

A new kitchen was installed, with smooth materials making it a low-maintenance space. A white tiled splashback adds a traditional feel, and double windows over the sink provide lovely views of the trees and sunshine.

“We consulted with Linda and Paul on all aspects of the interior design, from colour schemes to flooring choices, curtains, drapes and soft furnishings”, says Lia. “The house was fully redecorated and is now a modern home that is warm and cosy.”

Final thoughts

According to Linda, Lia and her team did an “awesome job.”

“The Refresh team had to coordinate about twenty sets of sub-contractors and still delivered within the agreed time frame! A previously unusable corner has now become a favourite cosy seating area. We were also pleasantly surprised with how well the flat pack kitchen turned out. We are thrilled with the overall result. We feel like we have a brand new house!”


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