Whole House Renovations: Our Top Tips and Tricks for Success!

Top tips on renovating with a whole home remodel!

Whole home renovation success!

When you think of home renovations, what immediately springs to mind? For many it’s Grand Designs style structures, projects running vastly over budget and stressed homeowners running around building sites. In truth, even a full home renovation need not be quite that stressful – although there’s no denying it’s a big job to undertake.
The approach Refresh Renovations takes to property projects is one of comprehensive project management with a designated Project Manager assigned to each renovation; minimising the stress and disruption for homeowners. There are many benefits to working with this method (and Refresh have won awards for their efficiency!) but there’s still lots of considerations and contributions that a homeowner can make. Read on for our top tips in ensuring success, efficiency and value with your whole house reno – straight from the mouths of the experts in the know!

Build in Contingency

It is always advised that when presented with a project plan, timeline and quote that homeowners confirm all are appropriate to them before any work is commenced. However, it is also recommended that a contingency is built in. For any timeline, add an extra 10-20% to the end of this mentally to prepare yourself for any delays or unforeseen events that may occur – and make sure you’re able to work with this extra time in case you’re not able to access a certain room or facilities. Do the same with a budget and set aside an extra 10-20% of the total ‘just in case’; so if anything does happen that will incur additional costs, the fee is ringfenced and ready to be deployed.

Take The Time to Understand Everyone’s Roles

A full house renovation involves many different parties and contractors and while there’s no need to be micro-managing every aspect of a renovation or to know what people are doing on a daily basis, there’s certainly benefit to understanding what everyone’s role in the project is. Collaborative working and open communication works best when all parties appreciate one another’s contribution and so knowing who does what and how they work can be hugely beneficial. Your Renovation Consultant will be your single point of contact for the project, but you will be introduced to the various different teams of designers, architects, project managers and contractors

Be Realistic with Timeframes

There’s no one-size-fits-all set timeframe for a home renovation; not least when it’s one covering a whole property! However, a renovations specialist will be able to provide a full scope of works that lists out every job to be completed along with its cost, responsible party and timeframe. It’s important for homeowners not to take a contractor’s initial comment or guesstimate on a timescale; instead remain realistic and wait for the property to have been visited and the job scoped out thoroughly before a timeline is thought of as gospel. The Refresh Renovations Project Manager will be able to provide you with a practical idea of timescale and cement it once the project plan is in place.

depending on the size and scope of your project.

Schedule Smartly

The weather can cause all kinds of delays to renovation works and so often the warmer months of the year are considered the most desirable time for such projects to take place. Any renovation, refurbishment, rebuilding or extension works that will require access to the outside or may involve furniture being moved outdoors should ideally be scheduled for the summer; when they’re less likely to be affected (and even potentially delayed) by mud, wind, rain, snow and the cold. A renovations expert will factor in weather conditions to a project plan but if you’re going it alone, it’s important you don’t forget it as a consideration!

Apply for Planning Permission ASAP

Many home renovation projects can be completed under the homeowner’s automatic Permitted Development Rights but in some instances, formal Planning Permission will be required. It is critical that if such formal administration is likely to be necessary, the LPA (Local Planning Authority) is notified as soon as possible and in advance. This negates the need for extra time should things not go to plan and gives plenty of opportunity for appeals, new plans and amendments to be submitted and agreed. Refresh Renovations maintains strategic relationships with LPAs all over the country and take care of all aspects of any such required admin. It is not uncommon for homeowners to just assume that their applications will be accepted and to experience issues with their project plan as a result.

Stay Aware of Current Affairs

There’s a lot going on in the world and it can be difficult to keep on top of everything… especially when you’re in the midst of a busy home renovation! That said, there is benefit to keeping on top of world affairs – and in recent times, they have contributed directly to many homeowners’ projects. While you don’t need to read every newspaper and watch every edition of the 6 o’clock news, it’s worth checking in on the headlines once in a while. The Brexit-induced truck driver shortage has directly impacted on the lead time of contractor’s materials, coronavirus has affected staffing levels of available tradespeople and rising energy prices and inflation are causing ongoing increases in fees. Staying on top of current affairs ensures you understand what’s happening in supply chains and in some cases can take rapid action to avoid any issues.

Check In, Often

Your Refresh Renovations Project Manager will have regular catch-up and update calls with all involved parties on your property refurbishment to keep a clear line of sight across all activities as well as to manage any changes or fluctuations to plans. Homeowners are welcome to join these update meetings as they’d like to and it can help provide a great overview of progress. Just ask your Project Manager to add you in and book in some time afterward to talk through everything with them on a one-to-one basis to deepen your understanding as needed.
Refresh are here to make your life easier throughout renovations and refurbishments – even if your whole home is undergoing a revamp. With open and honest communication between all parties we’re sure of excelling… so your dream home could be yours even sooner than you imagined!

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