Taranaki Kitchen Designers

Refresh Renovations offer premium kitchen design services in Taranaki. \n

Whatever place your kitchen has in your home, be it an open space for socialising or a closed-off nook for home chefs, there are endless opportunities to make it your own.
Redesigning your kitchen gives you a chance to establish a new style, integrate your most desired kitchen features, and improve overall functionality. While some elements you wish to include might be considered costly, several innovative solutions are available these days that enable homeowners to achieve their dream kitchens while within their budget. 
Here at Refresh, we partner with the most trusted kitchen designers, builders, and suppliers to provide a kitchen renovation experience that exceeds expectations. Ready to explore your kitchen design ideas? Get in touch today.

Why choose Refresh Renovations?

We’ve designed a renovation experience that completes projects on time and within budget. Led by our Renovation Consultants from design to build, our home renovation service provides comprehensive project management throughout the journey. This way, you can trust in the process and enjoy the transformation.
Acting as a single point of contact, our Renovation Consultants keep you updated on all necessary information at every stage. Providing reliable communication is vital for reducing the stress of renovating your home, so we make it a top priority. Your comfort is always at the heart of our approach.
When it comes to creating the designs and bringing them to life, you can relax knowing only the best tradespeople are working on your project. Our Renovation Consultants are backed by diverse networks of industry professionals, including the best kitchen designers in Taranaki. With these connections, we can deliver outstanding kitchen renovations reflective of your vision.

What are the current kitchen design trends in Taranaki?

Exposed timber is making its way into kitchens across Taranaki as well as the rest of New Zealand. For a while there, contemporary kitchens kept to colder colour schemes made of black, grey, and white – only letting glimpses of colour shine through in the veins of marble benchtops.  
But today, exposed timber has become much more appreciated, mainly for the warmth and texture of its natural form. The material, being inherently simple, also finds itself as a designer’s blank canvas. It can be shaped, sized, and stained however you imagine.  
You’ll find bare timber used in kitchen cabinetry, benchtops, islands, and wall panelling. There’s something to be said about the unique character established from the significant use of this material in kitchens. However, it can’t be pinned down, as homeowners really are using it to make their kitchen entirely their own. 
A final trend worth noting: cantilevered kitchen islands. To increase the functionality of compact kitchens, cantilevered islands are making their way into small kitchen designs. This benchtop solution allows homeowners to enjoy plentiful benchtop space that can double as a dining table.

What kitchen design services do Refresh Renovations provide?

At Refresh, we help homeowners transform their kitchens with beautiful designs while making the renovation process an effortless and fun experience that yields premium results. 
Utilising our partnerships with the best kitchen designers in Taranaki, any kitchen dream is possible! Whether you want a kitchen island design or a complete kitchen transformation, our Renovation Consultants can assist with the entire process.

Our kitchen design services include:

  • Kitchen planning
  • Kitchen floor plans
  • Kitchen renovation
  • Kitchen cabinetry
  • Kitchen scullery
  • Luxury kitchen
  • Architectural kitchens
  • Modern kitchens

How much will my kitchen design cost in Taranaki?

The cost of renovating your kitchen will depend on the materials chosen and the complexity of your project. But, for a general estimate, redesigning the existing layout of your kitchen can cost from $30,000+*. 
Every kitchen design project is unique. So we recommend you get in touch with your local Renovation Consultant for a more accurate costing estimate.
*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. For a fixed quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Refresh Renovations Consultant.

Will Refresh take care of any required council consent? 

Absolutely! We take care of everything - including council consent applications for kitchen renovations. 
Undertaking home improvements can be stressful and time-consuming enough without having the extra hassle of paperwork. That’s why our Renovation Consultants go above and beyond to deliver a wonderful, stress-free experience.

Ready to design your kitchen?

Whether you’re looking at farmhouse-country, coastal, eclectic, or modern kitchen designs, the team at Refresh Renovations can help you create the design of your dreams.
If you’re ready to talk about your kitchen design ideas, simply get in touch for a free consultation. We’ll introduce you to your local Renovation Consultant, who will offer professional guidance toward creating your dream kitchen.