Surrey Kitchen Installers

Surrey kitchen installers

The kitchen is often the heart of the home, with families today preferring to use the space for socialising and entertaining rather than just food preparation. Investing in your kitchen can, therefore, be very rewarding, not just in terms of an improved lifestyle but also in adding value to your property, and engaging the Refresh Surrey team will ensure that your dream kitchen is achieved with a minimum of fuss.

What kitchen installation services do Refresh provide?

Refresh Renovations can take care of every step of your kitchen installation. Our services include:
- Kitchen makeovers
- Extensions
- Creating custom kitchens
- Kitchen redesign
- Kitchen cabinet designs
- Kitchen island installation
- Appliance installations
- Plumbing & electrics
- Planning & consent

What is a good budget for a kitchen renovation?

The exact budget for your kitchen will depend on its size and configuration, but at Refresh we know that a bespoke solution can be achieved for in the region of £19,000 and above. When you consider that that level of budget will include a tailored design as well as skilled installation, carpentry and decorating, your unique kitchen is more affordable than you think. The Refresh approach is to provide a detailed costing and to include a 10% contingency for unforeseens.

How can I maximise the feeling of space in my kitchen?

Maximising space can be achieved with a little creative thinking and innovation. If your floorspace is limited, consider vertical storage by adding shelving and high cupboards, for example. Underused spaces can also work to your advantage, so add hooks to the backs of doors, hang mugs from the underside of shelves and place infrequently used items on tops of cupboards. In the design phase, focus on simplifying the colour scheme, specifying great lighting and, above all, keeping the clutter to a minimum.

What are the current kitchen design trends?

To combine aesthetics with efficiency, the trend is towards kitchen zoning, with defined areas for food storage, preparation and consumption. Kitchen islands and even peninsulas will feature strongly, while benches and banquettes will be introduced to save space and provide a quirkily intimate look. Strong colours such as green, navy and black will add simplicity and sophistication, and signature sinks, taps and splashbacks will create a sense of uniqueness. Overall the kitchen design trend is towards elegant minimalism.

How can I achieve a high-end finish?

When you consider all the separate components that come together to form a kitchen there are numerous ways to achieve a high-end finish, and the design phase is the perfect time to experiment with different combinations. From more functional areas such as the furniture and storage to more aesthetic aspects such as the tiles, flooring and splashbacks, everything needs to tie together with a simple colour scheme and clutter-free accessorising. High-end doesn’t always have to mean expensive, however.

Can I ‘live in’ during my kitchen renovation?

Whether to live in or decamp to alternative accommodation will depend on a number of factors, including the availability of an area for a temporary kitchen elsewhere in your home, the schedule you’re working to and the available budget. Living away can add significant cost, but if you have a young family it might be the best option. At Refresh we can work with you to provide short-term kitchen facilities on-site should you require them, and we’re experts at working around a family’s individual requirements.

Would you like to learn more about Refresh?

We’re delighted to offer you a complimentary no-obligation consultation in your home to discuss your kitchen renovation and to explain about the Refresh Surrey approach. At Refresh we know that using one team for the design, installation, cabinetry and decorating will not only deliver an exceptional result but also ensure that the schedule and budget are adhered to.

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