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Whatever your style, budget and requirements, Refresh Renovations specifically exists to support you through every stage of your project - keeping things simple and enjoyable. We can help you to come up with your ideal design before installing a kitchen that ticks all the boxes. 

What kitchen installation services does Refresh provide?

We can take care of every stage of your kitchen installation from design through to completion. We can help you with:
- Flat-pack/kit-set kitchen installations
- Cabinetry installations
- Joinery installations
- Rangehood installations
- Sourcing materials
- Custom designs/builds

...and anything else you can think of!

How much will my project cost?

Each kitchen installation varies in cost, depending on the materials, labour and consent requirements. Basic kitchens installations that are carried out within an existing layout usually start from around $20,000 - $30,000. Luxury finishes, high-end appliances, structural changes and kitchen additions will significantly increase costs. For a cost-estimate accurate to your specific requirements, please consult your local renovation specialist.

Costs are approximate estimates only and are subject to change.

Will Refresh take care of any council applications?

Minor interior renovations generally don’t require council consent. However, if you would like to include any structural changes within your project, a building application will be necessary. Should your project require any development or building consent, your Refresh specialist will advise you and take care of the application process.

What kitchen features are currently trending in Perth?

Modern, open-plan designs are highly sought after in Perth - allowing for optimum social settings, year-round. In terms of style, Scandinavian design is very popular. This includes simple but contrasting colour palettes of whites, blacks and wood accents. Of course, whatever style you are drawn to, the essential features come down to good storage, a clever layout and an attractive yet low-maintenance design. Your renovation specialist will be able to help you to select the materials, appliances and finishes that are right for your taste, budget and lifestyle.   
Looking for inspiration? Check out these kitchen renovations carried out by Refresh.

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