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Many homes in Houston have the benefit of an attached or internal garage. But not many of us use this space to store our vehicles. So, how can we make the most of our garage space and turn it into a functional room?
Refresh Renovations have helped many homeowners across Houston embark on garage conversions that create greater space and functionality in their homes. From games rooms to studio apartments to mother-in-law suites, if you’re looking to convert your carport or garage, get in touch with your local Refresh Remodeling Consultant today. 

Why choose Refresh Renovations?

Our garages and carports are often the most underused areas of our homes and, with many houses now sporting large driveways, garages have become redundant for car parking. Instead, garages are home to seasonal clutter stored in boxes and outdoor furniture gathering dust. If you’re craving extra space in your home, a garage conversion may be the perfect solution to your current challenges. 
At Refresh Renovations, we can help you convert your garage or carport into a practical room you can use. Whatever you need the extra living space for, our Remodeling Consultants can offer design, construction and full project management services to maximize the potential of your home and add extra value to your property. 
Get in touch with your local Refresh Remodeling Consultant to discuss your garage conversion project today. 

What are the current garage conversion trends in Missouri City, Houston?

Homeowners across Houston are making the move to convert their garages into spaces that better serve their needs. The key trend of these garage conversions is to maximize existing space and prevent a costly relocation. For homeowners with children still living under their roof, a games room or home theatre could make your home the talk of the town (amongst their friends anyway!) Adding playful features, such as a bar and area to make snacks, will keep friends and family members of all ages entertained for hours. 
Another growing property trend in Houston is the move to multi-generational living, reducing the need to move elderly parents to costly retirement complexes. A garage conversion to mother-in-law suite or granny flat could be the ideal transition for parents who value their independence and privacy. Installing large windows and patio doors will help turn your former garage into a room filled with natural light, providing your in-laws with a spacious, comfortable and liveable space. 
Alternatively, a garage conversion can be undertaken to create a home office as we spend more time working from home. 
Yet another use of the converted garage is, of course, the man cave, a popular ‘blokes only’ space in the home. But a growing trend is that of the “she sheds”, perfect for any female who needs some time away in a quiet space. 
For more garage conversion ideas, get in touch with your local Houston Remodeling Consultant. 

What garage conversion building services do Refresh Renovations provide?

Your local Refresh Remodeling Consultant works hard to ensure that you can avoid all the stress and worry of a remodeling project, yet reap the renovation rewards our specialist construction teams will bring. If you’re embarking on a garage conversion, we offer a range of services that will help ensure your project succeeds. 

Our garage conversion services include:

  • Garage to living space conversion
  • Garage to bedroom conversion
  • Garage to home office conversion
  • Garage to granny flat conversion
  • Garage to self-contained flat conversion
  • Garage to rumpus room conversion
  • Garage to home theatre conversion
  • Garage to nursery conversion
  • Garage to home gym conversion
  • Garage storage solutions 
  • Garage extensions and additions
  • Bespoke garage conversion design and builds
  • End-to-end garage conversion project management

    How much will my garage conversion cost?

    Your project costs will depend on the scale of the vision you have for your garage conversion - and its practicality. Working closely with your local Remodeling Consultant, from the garage conversion floor plans up, will give you a much better understanding of the overall budget and the costs* you can expect. 
    As a starting point, a basic garage conversion in Houston could start from $3,500* and exceed $40,000+* if you are looking at a high-end garage conversion to living space. 
    Deciding on your budget is essential when you and your Remodeling Consultant are discussing your objectives at the project’s concept stage. Whatever your budgetary range, your specialist can determine what is achievable with your carport or garage conversion and provide suggestions for cost-effective solutions. 
    *Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. For a fixed quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Refresh Remodeling Consultant. 

    Will Refresh take care of any required council consent? 

    Our Refresh Remodeling Consultants are here to take the stress and strain out of home renovation projects so they manage any consent required to complete your conversion. 
    For garage conversions in Houston, a master permit, sub permits, and a Notice of Commencement may be necessary. As your key point of contact, your local Remodeling Consultant will handle all consent and compliance applications on your behalf.

    Ready to talk?

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