Marlborough Kitchen Installers

Frustrated by your kitchen’s awkward layout? A simple design formula shapes many successful kitchens: the humble triangle. Check the connecting lines between your fridge, sink and stove and the main areas where food is stored, prepared, and cooked. How compact or dispersed an area are you working in? The triangle concept can be readily modified, but it’s a sound starting point.
As Marlborough’s skilled kitchen installers are constantly demonstrating, kitchen designs are no longer governed by the fixed position of a coal range or single central lightbulb. From expansive kitchen islands to glass kitchen extensions, there’s an endless range of possibilities to suit all tastes and budgets when making your kitchen your own.
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Why choose Refresh Renovations?

Throughout our 5-step renovation process, every stage of a kitchen installation is carefully considered to ensure results are nothing less than excellent. And with a local Renovation Consultant working as your main point of contact, you won’t need to worry about checking in on the finer details – they’ll keep you updated with all important information. With Refresh, renovating really is made simple, as it should be.
Furthermore, our Consultants work with extensive networks of trusted suppliers and licensed tradespeople, including kitchen installers, electricians, plumbers, and gasfitters. With this broader specialist support, anything is possible; whether you’re planning for a low budget or high-end kitchen renovation, our Renovation Consultants can bring your concept to life.                                                             

What are the current kitchen trends in Marlborough?

Sustainability is an important home renovation trend in Marlborough, and that extends to kitchen renovations. Energy-efficient kitchen appliances, waste disposal systems, kitchen lighting, and flooring are appearing in many new kitchen installations, and being adapted to a range of kitchen designs.
Lighting – be it directional, accent, or ambient – is also a priority, given the kitchen’s central role in a household. Task lighting is proving to be a popular consideration these days, particularly with many more people working from home, as it allows you to keep shadows away from key work areas. In addition, homeowners have become interested in installing kitchen island lighting, as it makes both practical and stylistic improvements to the kitchen space.  

What kitchen installation services do Refresh Renovations provide?

With a Renovation Consultant by your side, you can achieve the kitchen transformation of your dreams. Whether you’ve imagined it becoming a more sociable hub of the home, a stylish space for entertaining, or the ultimate workspace for cooking elaborate dishes, anything is possible when you partner with Refresh. 

Our kitchen installation services include:

  • Bespoke kitchen designs
  • Kitchen renovations
  • Kitchen extensions
  • Kitchen island installations 
  • Kitchen benchtop installations
  • Cabinet installations
  • Kitchen flooring installations
  • Splashback installation
  • Gasfitting
  • Plumbing & electrical work
  • Resource/building consent applications

How much will my kitchen installation cost?

Are you looking at retaining the existing layout of your kitchen or creating an entirely new kitchen design? 
The scale of your kitchen renovation will be a significant factor in determining the overall cost. But for an idea, a basic kitchen renovation ranges from $20,000* to $30,000*. However, if you’re looking at a high-end renovation, the price can easily start from $50,000* and move upward of $100,000*. Remember: everything from flooring to cabinets and kitchen appliances needs to be factored into your budget.
Generally, you can anticipate a kitchen makeover will cost between 5 – 10% of your property’s value, inclusive of a 20% contingency fund in case of unexpected setbacks, such as discovering rotten floorboards or leaky pipes during the deconstruction process. But if you’d like to get a more realistic idea of how much your specific renovation plans will cost, you’re better off getting in touch with a local Renovation Consultant.
*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. For a fixed-quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Refresh Renovation Consultant.

Will Refresh take care of any required council consent?

Kitchen installations that keep to the existing layout typically don’t need consent, but our local Renovation Consultants are fully conversant with all Marlborough District Council building regulations and ensure any necessary permission is obtained ahead of construction.
When working with a Consultant, you can expect them to take care of all council consent applications required for your kitchen installation. There’s no need to worry about the paperwork.                                                                         

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