Manukau Garage Conversion Builders

Manukau Garage Conversion Builders

Garages are the ultimate practical structure. But while typically gathering loads of household clutter, they have the potential to fulfil a variety of purposes.
Whether you’re converting the garage into a home office or a new bedroom, the process can be stressful and highly time-consuming - which is where we step in. 
Refresh Renovations has completed thousands of home renovations. With our diverse expertise and resources, we’re capable of tackling any garage conversion.
Wondering how to convert your garage? Get in touch for a free consultation, and let’s talk through solutions together!

Why choose Refresh Renovations?

Premium garage renovations in Manukau begin with Refresh Renovations. As leaders in garage conversions, anything is possible. 
How does it work? Our renovation process provides detailed timelines, effective budgeting, and transparent project management - all led by our Renovation Consultants. It’s a service perfectly designed to meet homeowners needs while delivering on time and budget. 
Providing a stress-free experience that reduces all risks, we can successfully convert garages into any space imaginable. No garage conversion idea is too extreme for Refresh Renovations. 
What’s more, Refresh is backed by an established network of industry professionals. Our partners include garage conversion specialists, renovation builders, and interior designers. These experts are trustworthy and excel in what they do, ensuring all excellence across all renovations.

What are the garage conversion trends in Manukau? 

These days, many people are working from home, making garage to home office conversions more popular. Adding skylights to garage roofs has become an excellent choice amongst these renovations as they allow natural light to flood the space and effectively create a comfortable area for working.
With that said, we’ve also noticed more homeowners are converting their garages into creative spaces that enhance well-being. Yoga studios, home gyms and artist studios have become the ultimate garage conversion trends, providing an ‘escape’ from everyday stresses.
The innovative possibilities to transform an industrial garage space into a creative zone are endless. With our end-to-end project management, you can step back and enjoy the process knowing we will deliver a stress-free experience. 

What garage conversion services do Refresh Renovations provide?

Refresh Renovations has established a diverse network of construction professionals, including the top garage builders in Manukau. These partnerships allow us to offer premium and cost-effective solutions to suit any budget while providing professional garage conversion expertise.
To eliminate any stress involved with the garage conversion, you will be assigned a Renovation Consultant who will manage and overlook the entire process. Acting as a single point of contact, they will walk you through the entire garage conversion, discuss your garage ideas, explain the ideal course of action, and construct the garage conversion to premium quality.

Our garage conversion services include:

  • Garage conversion
  • Garage renovation
  • Garage to second bedroom conversion
  • Garage to living space conversion
  • Garage to home office conversion
  • Garage to guest room conversion
  • Garage to rumpus room/games room conversion
  • Garage to home gym conversion
  • Garage to home theatre conversion
  • Garage to nursery/playroom conversion
  • Garage to man cave/lady lair conversion
  • Garage to wine cellar conversion
  • Garage to storage space conversion
  • Garage to self-contained flat conversion
  • Garage to creative studio conversion
  • Garage to yoga studio conversion
  • Garage to music studio conversion
  • Garage extensions
  • Garage additions
  • Bespoke garage designs and builds
  • End-to-end garage conversion project management

...and anything else you can think of!

How much will my garage conversion cost?

The cost of converting your garage depends on your project specifications and the size of your garage. But for a general guide, garage renovations can start from $3,000+* for a basic renovation and move upward of $15,000+* for a more complex conversion.
No matter your budget, your Renovation Consultant will work with you to establish the perfect garage conversion. The best way to find out how much it will cost is to get in touch for a free consultation. 
*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. For a fixed-quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Refresh Renovations Consultant.

Will Refresh take care of any required council consent? 

Rest assured, we take care of any council consent required for garage conversions.
We leave the fun part of renovating (dreaming it up) to you while taking care of the more strenuous aspects, such as paperwork, ourselves.

Converted yet?

Having completed thousands of successful renovations, Refresh Renovations are your go-to for premium garage conversions in Manukau. 
We’re ready to bring your garage conversion ideas to life - are you? If you’re looking for premium renovation services in Manukau, get in touch with us today.