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Franklin House Extension Builders\n

The vision of a dream house extension differs for every homeowner, but one commonality that stands true for every home renovation is the undeniable desire for a functional space and stands the test of time. 
When planned well, your house extension renovation can transform your home both practically, aesthetically, and financially. But this is easier said than done.
Refresh Renovations offer the expert knowledge and experience to ensure your home renovation project is delivered with tremendous success, tailoring every idea to meet your timeline and budget. 
If you’re ready to start exploring options, get in touch with our team today!

Why choose Refresh Renovations?

With large-scale projects like house extensions, the complexities of the job can hit you like a ton of bricks. 
Partnering with Refresh Renovations, it’s no longer necessary to lose sleep over your house extension project. Our Franklin Renovation Consultants are here to take care of every planned detail from design to build, tailoring your house extension to suit your property, budget, and timeline. 
Keeping you updated with transparent communication, your Renovation Consultant will be your main point of contact throughout the project duration. Backed by their established team of trade professionals and loyal suppliers, they possess the resources and experience to support your renovation to completion. 
Ultimately, our Renovation Consultants offer professional project management and effective budgeting, making us the leading option for house extension builders in Franklin.

What are the current house extension trends in Franklin?

Discerning homeowners in Franklin are drawn to the tranquillity of a rural lifestyle. With open-air and better value for the land, it’s no wonder why house prices in the area have reached a record high. 
It’s logical, then, to want to retain your property and preserve its unique character. But it does raise the question: What can you do further to enhance your property’s practical and financial value? 
Single storey extensions are a popular addition, adding great value and amplified space to your home. Not only is it relatively cheaper than building upward, but you can also transform any unused land into your home’s redeeming feature. 
However, adding a second-storey addition to your home is a wonderful way to create remarkable views and increase property value if you don’t have the space to build outward. 
Whatever your desires, you can rest assured Refresh Renovations will deliver your house extension with precision and care, all while staying on time and budget. 

What house extension building services do Refresh Renovations provide?

At Refresh Renovations, we go the extra mile to exceed customer expectations, providing a diversity of premium services to deliver your home extension dreams. 
The Refresh experience is centred around excellent communication, offering a quality service that reduces complexity, manages risks, and converges expectations and budgets early on in the process. Backed by a passionate team of construction professionals and trusted suppliers, you can expect quality, from specialist renovation builders down to the materials.

Our house extension services include:

  • House extension
  • House extension design
  • House renovation
  • House extension floor plans
  • Second storey additions
  • Deck extension
  • Glass kitchen extensions

...and anything else you can think of!

How much will my house extension cost?

Although subject to material and labour costs, a one-bedroom addition will generally cost between $90,000* to $200,000+*. In contrast, for a medium-large loft conversion or second storey house extension, you might need to budget anywhere from $200,000* to $450,000+*.
While costs depend almost entirely on the requirements of your house extension plans, our Renovation Consultants work hard to see your renovation aspirations achieved within budget. 
In your initial consultation, you can explore house extension ideas and develop a rough concept. From there, your Renovation Consultant will provide a costing estimate and alternative solutions tailored to your budget. Get in touch to learn more.
*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. For a fixed-quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Refresh Renovations Consultant.

Will Refresh take care of any required council consent? 

Yes, we take care of any council applications required for these projects. From council consents to building code requirements, we’ve got you covered. 

Ready to talk?

Our Franklin Renovation Consultants show great integrity for their craft and are eager to hear your unique ideas. 
Whether you’re longing for expansive countryside views from a second storey addition or want more space for entertaining with a deck extension, Refresh Renovations is here to help. 
So, when you’re ready, get in touch to arrange your free one-hour initial consultation.

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