Transforming a 1980s Bathroom into a Haven of Tranquillity in Palmerston North, New Zealand

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Transforming a 1980s Bathroom into a Haven of Tranquillity in Palmerston North, New Zealand

Clever design and detailing bring a spa-like ambience to a once dull and dated bathroom

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Discussing Grand Ideas

Joanne’s home was built in 1983 and her second bathroom was looking tired and outdated. She wanted to transform it into a luxurious space more compatible with modern living.
The current layout had a bath with no shower attachment, which meant it wasn’t practical to use on a daily basis. She wanted to replace this with a walk-in shower and add a bidet. 
To achieve all this, Joanne contacted Renovation Consultant Wayne Gordon to discuss her ideas and see if they were feasible.

Planning and Consent

Having developed a clear understanding of Joanne’s vision, Wayne arranged for an architectural concept to be drawn up. This 3D render enabled Joanne to see how her finished project would look and make any changes before work began.
The addition of a bidet meant that the project required planning consent. Once Joanne was happy with the plans and cost estimate, Wayne organised for all of the information required to be submitted to council, a part of the Refresh process Joanne really appreciated Wayne handling. 

Costing and Timescale

As part of the Refresh process, Wayne provided a detailed quote for all the work to be carried out. Joanne knew exactly what she would pay for her new bathroom before demolition and construction began and was happy to confirm the final plans for her exciting renovation to begin.
Since the property has two bathrooms there was no urgency to complete the project as fast as possible, but Wayne and his team still aimed to achieve a timely and smooth-running transformation. 

Getting To Work

Wayne worked with project manager Zoe Blease, to make sure this renovation was problem-free from start to finish. Several contractors were required, including a builder, plumber, and electrician, and his careful scheduling prevented any delays. 
Joanne could carry on with her daily life as normal, knowing the tradespeople contacted by Wayne would be reliable and efficient, and produce high-quality work. 

The Finished Result

The bathroom has been transformed into a luxurious haven. The large walk-in shower is both modern and practical, and removing the bath has created space for shelves and a heated towel rail.
Beautiful emerald green tiling works with the walnut-coloured cabinetry to create a stunning effect and the old flooring has been replaced in a neutral colour that complements the design.
The abundance of natural light and the mirror over the sink make the room feel airy and spacious, while finishing touches including a greenery and a marble-effect soap dispenser give the bathroom a spa-like feel.
The new toilet/bidet was fitted neatly where the old shower used to be, making it the third toilet for the house. It took a fair amount of work as it required new plumbing which needed to be approved by the Council. Even with this Council request, Wayne still managed to complete the whole project on time and within budget. 
Joanne is thrilled with her new bathroom and the stress-free method of achieving it. With Wayne and his team on the case, the transformation was completed with minimal disruption and she could relax knowing that everything was being taken care of.

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This project was completed in
May 2022
Project description
Bathroom renovation
New Zealand
Project duration
104 days
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Interesting aspects
Beautiful emerald green tiling promotes a feeling of relaxation
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Wayne Gordon is Director, Operations Manager & Renovation Consultant of Radian Group Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Manawatu.

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