Spa pool enclosure renovation at a colonial villa in Rural Way, Wellington

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Spa pool enclosure renovation at a colonial villa in Rural Way, Wellington

A place to relax while soaking in the beauty of the surrounding country landscape.

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This homeowner got in touch with Mark Morrison, their local Renovation Specialist, with a unique design prepared to expand their home. The design was already drawn up - they simply needed the assistance of experts who could make sure the project was managed and constructed to perfection. 

Concept & Feasibility

The concept detailed the extension of an orangery that would keep with the existing aesthetic of the colonial villa. Intended to house a luxurious spa pool, the area was designed to provide full-coverage shelter along with the availability for complete indoor/outdoor flow. 
For this to be achieved, Mark and his renovation team were required to extend the ground, install a steel framework, build a new roof, and install glass doors around the entire enclosure to create that desired flow. It was a big task ahead, but Mark was eager to take it on knowing that he and his team would do it justice.

The Growing Project

The duration of the project extended over time due to a number of factors - the most significant being the addition of a new 60m2 Kwila deck that the owners felt would offset their new extension perfectly. While this also added to the overall budget required for the client, Mark and his team are delighted with the resulting indoor/outdoor flow the deck has created. The clients are looking forward to plenty of summer entertaining in their new spaces!

Innovative Materials

The area was designed for a spa pool enclosure that makes the most of the surrounding country views. It was a unique idea to begin with that expectedly demanded innovation in the creation.
A particularly interesting fixture the team installed was the steel portal frame structure which stretched out across the 50m2 of designated floor area. This fixture was substantial in size and perfectly established the grandeur of the atmosphere.
Another notable material that was used is the Pro Clima vapour barrier. Installed specifically to support the main function of the space, this innovative building paper makes a great difference in protecting the internal structure from any humidity created by the spa.

An Extravagant Finish

Looking back on the final outcome, Mark proudly admires the degree of excellence that was achieved. He states: “the whole space is restful and relaxing, but with high-end finishes, fixtures, and fittings; including a $50k spa pool [separate to the contract price] and stained glass windows.” 
Making an extravagant finish, the spacious enclosure was completed with natural-toned tile flooring and aluminium joinery coloured to match the rest of the home. Just as the homeowner wished, the large renovation was kept within the theme of the beautiful villa and accurately maintained its colonial character.
From design to build, this renovation came with its challenges. But the results are exceptional and certainly prove what quality craftsmanship, innovation and perseverance can achieve when delivering a complex build.

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This project was completed in
November 2020
Project description
Peaceful Paradise Renovation
New Zealand
Project duration
287 days
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Interesting aspects
Bevelled 100x200 tiles
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Mark Morrison is Renovation Consultant of Morrison Enterprises Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Wellington

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