Refreshed interiors for modern living in Santa Rosa County

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A kitchen and bathroom renovation in Florida.

This home underwent a modern upgrade while retaining its cozy character.

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The Original Inquiry

Although the blue tiles and fruity wallpaper boasted character and comfort, this homeowner decided it was time to update the interior of their house.
The suburban home was tired and needed modern upgrades. Unsure of the exact direction they wanted to take, the homeowner reached out to Refresh Renovations for expert assistance in creating a feasible concept for the transformation.
After being introduced to their local Renovation Consultant the renovation was shifted toward a specific plan. They were to transform the outdated kitchen and dark bathrooms into a more modern, brighter space - all while retaining the existing feel of warmth and character. Including new floors and fresh paint, these rooms were designed for a modern upgrade. 

The Cost of Refreshment

When homeowners embark on renovations without the help of experts, they often end up with unfinished projects that go over budget. To avoid such problems, having a Renovation Specialist assess your budget and plan the entire project is the most effective way to achieve your renovation goals.
Through strategic planning, the renovation consultant worked hard to minimize costs where possible. After a couple of changes were made to the initial scope of work, the cost was finalized at $67,490.00. 


The original estimation of the schedule was around 10-13 weeks. However, external delays lengthened the renovation process closer to 15 weeks. 
Despite these uncontrollable challenges, the renovation consultant managed to see the timeline run as close to schedule as possible and to the highest standard. 
Refresh Renovations are trusted globally for the premium service we offer. Through successful risk aversion and project management, the renovation consultant and her network of industry professionals delivered an outstanding renovation.

The Contemporary Kitchen

Saying goodbye to the dated blue tiles and fruity wallpaper, the homeowner waved hello to a contemporary kitchen. By upgrading the layout that already existed, no major restructuring was needed, which freed up costing to be spent on other aspects of the renovation.
The new kitchen features a fresh colour palette of blues, greys, and whites, all of which tie beautifully with the modern countertop. Beautiful cabinetry with classic detailing has not only replaced the previous storage space but also extended to the corner of the room, expanding the kitchen entirely.
Further additions include a black oven, extractor fan, and stainless-steel sink, which significantly increase functionality. Sleek and modern, these improvements combine for the perfect space to relax while cooking.

Beautiful Bathrooms

Taking a minimalist approach, the renovation consultant brightened up the bathrooms with a light colour palette. 
A new bathtub sits cozily at the end of one bathroom, surrounded by white-tiled walls. And, in perfect contrast, natural tones from the new flooring bring warmth and a feel of luxury. This renovation has undoubtedly given a big breath of fresh air to both bathrooms.

The Overall Look

The final transformation successfully established modern interiors while retaining their original cozy character. The renovation consultant dedication to quality can certainly be found in each finer detail.
With a fresh aesthetic and greater functionality, the kitchen and bathrooms have become wonderful environments for modern living.

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This project was completed in
May 2021
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Project description
A kitchen and bathroom renovation in Florida
United States
Project duration
15 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
External, supplier delays
Interesting aspects
Ekodecking, exterior painting, and soft landscaping.
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