Reconnecting two storeys enhanced and modernised this north Sydney family home

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The second floor was a separate unit, so this project saw two floors reconnected.

Meeting the needs of a growing family meant a complete redesign of this two-storey Sydney home, combining two levels that had previously been separated into self-contained units.

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Setting out a Plan

Debbie had a big renovation she wanted to achieve on a small budget, and within a very tight timeframe. Her north Sydney home was in two separate units, one at ground level, the second upstairs. With her children getting older and needing their own space, Debbie reached out to Refresh Renovations for help to reconnect her two-storey home and create better use of the layout.  
To achieve this transformation, Debbie connected with Renovation Consultant, Michael Harich who devised a strategy to join the units together. With a plan in place, Michael then organised for new concepts to be drawn up that involved creating a new bathroom, two bedrooms, and a family living area connected to the backyard balcony. 

Getting Started

Happy with the new designs and set budget, Debbie gave Michael and his team the green light to get started. But time was of the essence. Debbie wanted the renovation completed before Christmas, which gave Michael just six weeks. No stranger to the crunch of deadlines when renovating a family home, Michael rallied his network of professional tradespeople together and got to work. 

Countdown to Christmas

Despite the size and scale of the project, Debbie and her family needed to continue living in their home while the renovation took place around them; something Michael was able to accommodate. 
“The trades have been of great quality and very respectful of the fact we are living in the house. We have been very impressed with them.” Debbie, Refresh Renovations Client
To ensure the project stayed on track, Michael was on site most days and available to chat 24/7. This meant any questions Debbie had could be answered and any concerns addressed as the renovations were carried out. He also closely monitored the project throughout, ensuring all tasks were carried out according to the plan agreed upon during the design phase.
The transformation began with the removal of a staircase and the clearing out of the home’s upper floor. Once demolition was complete, the staircase entrance was sealed and the layout for the second storey set in. This included the addition of two bedrooms, a new bathroom, and a living room with access to the backyard balcony. 
The new bathroom was a significant part of the renovation, but with Michael managing the plumbers, tilers, waterproofers, carpenters, and a whole host of other tradespeople, the process ran smoothly. 
Michael’s project management and scheduling of the different tradespeople required to complete each stage of the project not only ensured a stress-free renovation experience for Debbie, but meant everyone on site knew exactly when they were needed to be there and what tasks were required. 
“We truly appreciate how diligent, responsive and flexible Michael has been. He is on-site most days and seems to work 24-7! His connections ensure that we have been able to source materials and trades and get things done much much quicker than if we had had to organise it ourselves.” Debbie, Refresh Renovations Client

The Timeline and Final Cost

Throughout the 57 days needed to complete this remarkable transformation, Michael was there to manage the entire process, from design to demolition, tools down to completion. Furthermore, he guided Debbie and her family through what could have been a significantly stressful experience. 
The final project came in at a total cost of $150,000 and Debbie’s family home went from an awkward layout of two disconnected units to a beautifully renovated two-storey home with modern interiors and plenty of room for family time. 

Making a Splash

Featuring gleaming white tiling, brushed gold fixtures, and a walk-in shower, the new bathroom was a real highlight of the transformation. As part of the floor plan, more space was freed up for the bathroom, which is now spacious, well-lit, and modern in style. 
Recessed shelving and feature lighting brighten the space and help to make it feel more open, while the shiplap panelling offers clean and attractive framing. The warm timber vanity, complemented by the gold fixtures, houses a stylish bowl basin which highlights and encapsulates the modern design principles at play. 

The Next Steps

Satisfied with a job well done, this renovation won’t be the last time Debbie partners with Michael and his team. Debbie has plans to carry out further renovation work on her home’s ground floor, which Michael will be undertaking in the not-too-distant future.
With a quality finish delivered on this first stage, Michael is looking forward to getting started on the ground floor renovation.

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This project was completed in
May 2022
Project description
Second-storey refresh and new bathroom.
Project duration
57 days
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Interesting aspects
The second floor was a separate unit, so this project saw two floors reconnected.
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