A Stunning Open-Plan Kitchen Garden Installation in Surrey

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A view from the side of the outdoor kitchen showing the appliances

An industrial al-fresco kitchen, with all-weather, all-purpose appliances.

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For many of us, an al-fresco kitchen is a beautiful idea but one that sits firmly in the ‘dream home’ camp rather than something we can whip up and install into our home when we fancy it. However, such a fixture in your home may be more of a reality than you think with Refresh Renovations – our teams certainly brought it to life for these homeowners in Surrey.
Perry's Lane Outdoor Kitchen

A hub for outdoor entertaining

The homeowners in this case had gained a heightened appreciation for their outdoors living spaces in lockdown and once they were able to embrace the opportunity to socialise with loved ones again, wanted to make the most of it! That said, they were under no illusions that the Great British weather in Surrey may not quite suit being outside all year round, so they were looking for an open-plan kitchen-garden space that was covered and able to survive even the most inclement of weather.
Working with their Refresh Renovations Project Consultant, a plan was formed and timeline set. Alongside the creation and complete fit-out of a new outside kitchen, a reception area was created to utilise the area for socialisation even when meals and snacks weren’t being consumed.

Extending outwards

This wasn’t to be a traditional extension but instead decking laid alongside the existing walls of the home and an all-weather transparent roof held up by chunky wooden beams. The whole area needed levelling due to significantly sloped terrain, so hard landscaping and machinery groundworks were required. To support the future seating and outdoor kitchen area, a retaining wall was constructed at the perimeter of the neighbour property to negate the height difference in surfaces.
The new extension overlooked the rest of the garden and comprised of a fully-functional kitchen and bar/dining area with a table and chairs. Rather than being attached to the house as such, it laid along an existing wall to the property directly next to the garden’s swimming pool and outdoor lounge area.
Outdoor kitchen by the pool

Unexpected occurrences

A running water supply problem was identified early on in the project, requiring additional groundworks to find the pipe and repair damage. This was dealt with swiftly and ensured that the flow linked to the newly installed sink correctly with only minor disruption encountered.
Unfortunately, not long after the Refresh Renovations team arrived on-site and started work, the Covid-19 pandemic hit the UK and ongoing shortages of both staff and supplies caused by Britain’s exit form the EU caused issues to the sourcing of materials. Working as best they could under coronavirus restrictions and utilising their specialist contacts, Refresh Renovations were able to source the materials needed without too long a delay and ensured that the homeowner’s brand preferences were all adhered to. While there was a short delay to the standard lead times for delivery, this was minimised and the whole project completed considerably quicker than the homeowner held expectations for given the circumstances!

Industrial kitchen units create a professional feel

An industrial kitchen style was built, incorporating weighty all-weather all-purpose fixtures from Bull Outdoor Products Inc, a specialist manufacturer of outdoor kitchen equipment. The silver metallic finishes combined with black wipe-clean worktops, dark brickwork (to match that on the outside of the home) and white finishes, presented an aesthetic that suited the outdoor nature of the room but kept it smart.
The large units provide plenty of space for shut-away storage, so the homeowners don’t need to continuously walk back-and-forth with utensils and cookware. Cleaning equipment for the ovens and BBQs hung from the ceiling and the walls, keeping them in easy reach. Along one worktop, four high stools were placed on the opposite side to the kitchen; for al-fresco dining and drinking with the chef. 
Perry's Lane BBQ and Pizza Over

Creating a beach bar and pizza party place

As the new kitchen laid adjacent to a swimming pool, it seemed only fair to take advantage of the summer fun feeling the area benefitted from during better weather. On the same worktop that stools sat along, a draught beer tap was installed for fresh, cold beverages as desired – a fantastic fixture to cool down on a sunny day and to keep a dinner party going! This additional lounge area to the kitchen forms an almost vacation-style feel to the whole space. 
Truly, the crown jewel of the outdoor kitchen was the large pizza oven tucked away in a corner; ready to cook pizzas in just a few minutes and feed whoever needs a snack after a swim. For when the homeowners don’t fancy pizza, a large BBQ oven sits next to it; providing variety and allowing for just about anything to be cooked. What more could you want in a garden?
Outdoor appliances

Zoning sun and shade

Although the roof above the new kitchen is transparent, it still provides a degree of shade for those not looking to soak up the rays all day long. But of course, not everyone wants to hide away in a cooler area, and so right next to the dining area the decking continues but without a roof; with sun loungers scattered around. A small step further zones the kitchen-dining-living area from the pool, but non-slip decking remains a fixture throughout. 
The subtle zoning used provides a distinct feel to the new kitchen area whilst still allowing it to blend in to the rest of the garden and pool space.

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Fancy spending more of your days outside without having to pop up a cheap plastic picnic table and walk back and forth from the kitchen with condiments and cutlery? Get in touch with the Refresh Renovations team and let us make your BBQ dreams a reality – your tastebuds (and social life!) will thank you for it.

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This project was completed in
November 2021
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An al-fresco kitchen to embrace the opportunity to socialise with loved ones
Surrey & Hampshire
United Kingdom
Ingrid Batista
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A running water supply problem was identified early on, requiring additional groundworks to find the pipe and repairs
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