House Renovation and Loft Conversion in South London, England

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Bedroom renovation in south london

A breathtaking home renovation and loft conversion, by Refresh Renovation Specialist for South london, Asif Hameed,which was too good to live in.

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Can you imagine having a home renovation which is so good that it adds a third to your property value? 
That's what happened for these savvy homeowners when they employed the expertise of South London Renovation Specialist Asif Hameed to convert their loft and renovate the rest of the property. This home renovation added an extra 2 bedrooms to the Edwardian mid-terrace. This, combined with the high end finish and light an airy feel throughout the property left the homeowners with a difficult decision once they had finished the renovation. 

A Modern/Traditional Home Remodelling

The customers had initially planned to renovate the property with a view to living in it after the renovation, which would take 6 months to complete. However, Once discovering how much equity the renovations had added to the property, the homeowners couldn't help but be tempted to sell up and move on to their next project. 

Loft Conversion with Luxury Shower Room.

Along with adding bedroom to the property, this loft conversion allowed for the addition of a gorgeous shower room, kept light and airy with the introduction of skylights, light coloured wall tiling and a minimalistic modern suite. 

A Crisp and Clean Kitchen Renovation

The homeowners choose a classic modern style for the kitchen renovation, with minimalistic cabinetry and high shine chrome finishing on the fixtures, including the boxed in American style fridge-freezer. Solid wood worktops compliment the oak flooring throughout the rest of this open plan area creating a visual cure throughout the house to tie in all the rooms, along with the popular LED spotlights throughout the property. 
Incidentally, when opening up the ceilings in one of the bedrooms to fit the spotlights, it was discovered that there was a large cavity above the existing ceiling, and the Refresh Renovation Team, with the agreement of the homeowner, decided to raise the ceiling by a couple of feet gaining extra ceiling height and create a much more spacious feeling room. 
All in all, this renovation has been a roaring success, and whilst we can't promise that we will always add quite so much equity to a home, it is often the case that home renovations can improve the chance of reselling the property for a higher price. 

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This project was completed in
February 2021
Project description
Converting a 3 bed mid-terrace into a 5 bed luxury property
Greater South London
United Kingdom
Project duration
6 months
Cost estimate
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Interesting aspects
New downstairs bathroom.
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Asif Hameed is Renovation Consultant of 3C Home Renovations LTD Ltd , a franchisee of Renovation Franchise UK LtdUK Ltd, doing business in South East London Greater South London.

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