Functional Garage Conversion in Uxbridge, London

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Dilapidated and filled with dangerous asbestos, this Uxbridge garage was in a dire state and of no use to the owners. That was until Refresh Renovations delivered a fabulous, new multi-purpose room from the ground up.

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Project Manager Needed

Dire, dilapidated, dangerous – three words that could be used to describe the state of Hayley’s garage in Uxbridge, London. The old structure was in such poor condition it was never used, not to mention the roof was filled with asbestos! Hayley wanted to convert the space into an additional living area or office, so she contacted her local Refresh Consultant Ali Irteza for some expert advice.

Ali met with Hayley at her home to see the garage, listen to her ideas and goals for the project, and explain more about what Refresh could offer. He explained to Hayley that Refresh’s complete end-to-end renovation service would mean he’d be her single contact throughout the project and manage every element on her behalf. Refresh have completed thousands of successful renovations worldwide using their proven 5-step system that prioritises the needs of homeowners so that renovations are straightforward and stress-free. Hayley had a busy lifestyle, so was looking for an experienced project manager who would also deliver on time and on budget. Ali was the perfect choice.

Concept and Design

Ali’s team inspected Hayley’s garage and determined that it was in such poor condition it didn’t make sense to try and renovate it. The floors and walls were weak, materials were rotting, and the roof contained asbestos. It was agreed that the best option was to demolish the original – with help from an asbestos specialist - and build a new room from scratch that would be warm, dry, and filled with light.

Hayley initially wanted to convert the garage into two rooms – a home office and a lounge for socialising. But, after discussing ideas with Ali, the pair agreed that the garage space was too small to accommodate two rooms functionally, and it would be better to have one large room that could be set up in different ways as needs changed.

Ali worked with the local council to determine if the project would require consent but, due to the small size of the space, they confirmed that planning permission and building control was not necessary.

Demolition and Build Begin

Happy with the plans and budget, Hayley gave the green light to get the project underway, starting with the demolition and removal of the existing garage. Due to the presence of dangerous asbestos, this wasn’t a straightforward operation, but Ali engaged a highly experienced specialist who was able to safely remove and dispose of the substance.

Once the old garage had been cleared, the new build could begin. Hayley never had to worry about sourcing contractors, paying invoices, or managing an on-site schedule – Ali took care of every element of the project. He utilised his existing network of trusted contractors to deliver a high-quality new build, on time and on budget.

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A Bright and Light Filled Space

Hayley said goodbye to her gloomy garage and hello to a bright, light, and warm room that extended her living and socialising space. Insulation and double glazing keep the room comfortable, while the double glass doors flood the room with natural light. The doors also open to the garden space, which is perfect for an outdoor table setting where she can enjoy a morning cuppa or drinks with friends.

Vinyl plank flooring helps elongate the room, while the white walls and ceiling with downlights keep the room feeling crisp and clean. The inclusion of a sink is handy and keeps the space versatile. Hayley has the option to set up a ‘hot desk’ for work when needed, or cosy chairs and a coffee table for reading, relaxing, or games nights. A lack of socialising space in her home was a key driver for the renovation, and the new room offers a myriad of options for her.

Final Words

Ali and his team delivered a warm and welcoming bonus room for Hayley, while keeping to her budget-led brief. Renovating existing rooms is great where possible, but in Hayley’s case the best decision was to demolish her unsafe garage and build new. Ali says the room is bright, well insulated, and exactly what Hayley was after. “The interior was finished to a really high standard, and the room offers Hayley lots of new space to enjoy with family and friends.”   

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This project was completed in
October 2023
Project description
Garage Reconstruction
Greater South London
United Kingdom
Project duration
2 months
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Asbestos roof required specialists
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