Brightening Up a Villa in Palmerston North

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A new skylight, sun tunnel, and modern lighting instalments have welcomed light throughout this villa.\n

A new skylight, sun tunnel, and modern lighting instalments have welcomed light throughout this villa.

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The Initial Consultation

With deep eaves and too few windows, character homes often lack natural light. As the proud homeowner of this beautiful villa, Sally decided it was time to transform the dark interiors and fill them with brightness.
To get started, she approached local Renovation Specialist Wayne Gordon. Together they explored feasible solutions to establish the best course of action for the villa renovation. 

The Project Goal: Visual Improvements

Sally was very focused on achieving her desired outcome - a brighter villa. This made visual improvement the main driver of the project, not the budget. 
As she previously had a difficult experience with renovating, she wanted everything to go smoothly this time around. With end-to-end project management, Wayne went above and beyond to ensure no issues were repeated.
Originally the job was a week but was stretched out due to the time taken to discuss the changes in the scope of the work and additional sun tunnel.
The final price kept to the original budget, coming in at just under $14,300.

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Bringing Light to the Character Interiors 

Courtesy of a sun tunnel, the hallway is no longer one of the darkest areas of the house. Sun tunnels are specially designed to channel sunlight from your roof down a highly reflective tube into the space below. This installation makes a significant difference to the hallway, where light now bounces around the white walls, making the space feel bigger.
Eyes on the kitchen, the new skylight is arguably the most transformative part of the renovation. This large addition brings an abundance of natural light into the character-filled kitchen, warming the red-toned timber fixtures and fitting seamlessly within the villa's interior.
And where else natural light couldn’t reach, Wayne strategically planned the instalment of lighting fixtures. These modern improvements provide beautiful finishing touches that brighten up the villa and enhance its charming ambience. 

Final Thoughts

Refresh Renovations follows a 5 step process that aims to fully understand the renovation goals of every homeowner and deliver exceptional results reflective of their vision. 
Utilising this process, Wayne worked diligently to deliver Sally’s desired outcome - a brighter villa. This renovation has indeed established what she hoped for through using modern lighting fixtures, a sun tunnel, and a skylight. As a result, the villa appears more spacious and warm; it feels like home.
Thrilled with the results, Sally kindly shared her experience with Wayne. “We were listened to, and our feelings and goals were a priority. We were treated with utmost professionalism and integrity.” - Sally, the homeowner.

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This project was completed in
June 2021
Project description
Sun tunnel and lighting renovation
New Zealand
Project duration
3 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Interesting aspects
Downdraft extractor and under-cabinet lighting
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Wayne Gordon is Director, Operations Manager & Renovation Consultant of Radian Group Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Manawatu.

Actual costs vary by project. Plan ahead to reduce the impact of industry changes or disruptions. For more information see here.

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