An Ex-State House Transformation that Favours the Bold in Waiwhetu, Lower Hutt

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An Ex-State House Transformation that Favours the Bold in Waiwhetu, Lower Hutt

In the homeowners’ eyes, this 1930s home needed a lot of work. But it also presented them with the perfect opportunity to put their stamp on it and create a home reflective of their personalities.

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A Long List of Updates

When Waiwhetu homeowner Matt reached out to Refresh for advice regarding his ex-state house, there was quite long list of items that he and his partner wanted to address. 
Typical of state houses built in the 1930s, their cottage-style home had a faux brick plaster veneer, a steep tile roof, and a cramped, dated, and impractical three-bedroom layout. The garage wasn’t functional, there wasn’t enough storage in the kitchen, and to top it all off, an addition was built in the 1970s that didn’t mesh well with the rest of the home. 

Feasibility and Costing

Matt and his partner had a clear idea of what they wanted to achieve — a scope that included renovation, repair, and maintenance work — and were interested in Refresh’s comprehensive approach to renovating. 
Wellington Renovation Consultant Steve Wang came on board to navigate the extensive project. He analysed the homeowners’ vision and used one of his previous projects with a similar scope as an example to manage their budgetary expectations. After preparing and going over the concept drawings, Steve provided them with a quote of $220,000. However, they added components to the scope throughout the project, bringing the final cost of this full transformation to $350,000. 

Getting Construction Underway

Waterproofing the tiled shower required council consent, so Steve arranged for the permits prior to construction. He also brought in his Project Manager Rosie Reid to oversee the site operations. Unfortunately, they didn’t get very far before being hit with a COVID lockdown which brought construction to a halt. Steve had already coordinated the suppliers and contractors but was able to reschedule everything and, in the end, delivered the project sooner than anticipated. 
During this tumultuous period, Steve communicated clearly with Matt and his partner so they knew exactly what was happening and when they could expect things to start back up. This would have been quite a different experience had the homeowners renovated independently, but thanks to Steve, this wasn’t something they had to worry about. 

Full of Colour and Character

Almost 100 years ago, when this house was built, statehouses all shared a general blueprint. Now, after this transformative renovation, the house is truly unique. Bold colours selected by Matt and his partner impart personality at every turn, from the honeycomb yellow kitchen to the deep teal and turquoise bathroom. 
Although the new cladding and brickwork are soft grey in colour, the renovated home’s vibrant new design is still evident before you get inside, as the exterior features a bright red roof and matching garage door (which is now in perfectly automated working order). 

Final Thoughts

With everything checked off the long to-do list, Steve is happy with the results, and so are the homeowners. A renovation of this size is challenging, but Steve delivered a striking transformation by utilising his network of talented contractors and world-class suppliers.   

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May 2022
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Steve Wang is Renovation Consultant of Passionmate Renovations Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Wellington.

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