A Serene but Stylish Conservatory Extension in Halland

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This Halland home was in need of a conservatory extension to open and modernise the space. The result was an inviting living area with vaulted ceiling windows, innovative insulation solutions, and finishing touches to make the area accessible for years to come.

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Setting the Scene

Amber’s garden is a bucolic, 4-acre expanse that’s regularly visited by birds and deer. The conservatory, part of an existing annexe, was an area to sit and enjoy her peaceful surroundings. However, the original room was stuffy and closed off from the rest of the home. A slight ledge connecting the conservatory to the living space made it difficult for Amber to use the space, plus the door was too narrow for her walker. 

Amber’s daughter-in-law stepped in with a solution; call Refresh Renovations to see the project through. Local South East England Renovation Consultant Tracy Kinsman and Creative Consultant Ella Griffith talked with Amber about the vision she had to transform her conservatory from inclement, dull, and stuffy, to bright, airy, and accessible.

The Experts Weigh In

During the first consultation, Ella took note of Amber’s concerns with the current conservatory. Not only was it inaccessible with her walker, but the room lacked climate control which made it inhabitable during the hot summers and cold winters. This meant that Amber was confined to the darker existing lounge space most of the year. 

Ella came back with drawings that addressed the segregation of the conservatory and the living area to create a blended space whereby Amber could utilise all of the available space and take pleasure in her garden, whatever the season. Amber also had a specific budget she wanted to stay within, and Ella was determined to choose fiscally-friendly solutions where possible. 

Refresh Renovation Consultants prioritise the quality of a client’s renovation experience, which was why Ella worked within Amber’s budget and did her utmost to stick to the project timeline, as construction limited Amber’s living space.The project was complete in just nine weeks.

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A Serene Expanse Comes to Life

Despite unsavoury weather conditions, demolition and construction began swiftly. As is required with any extension, a trial pit was dug to establish the depth of the existing foundation. In this case, builders discovered clay and soil at the base. Despite the project being restricted by the budget indication and the foundation’s status, Ella and her team had a resolution to replace the frame of the conservatory, install light-reflective windows to match the rest of the property, and insulate the walls and roof to keep the room comfortable for Amber all year round.

The wall between the conservatory and living space was demolished to integrate the conservatory with the main living room and vaulted ceiling windows were installed to flood the conservatory with natural light. The team implemented a clever film on the glazing to keep the temperature in the room stable, whilst allowing full visibility into the garden. 

Ella also worked hard to find an attractive and subtle handrail solution for Amber that integrated seamlessly into the space and catered to Amber’s accessibility needs. This detail highlights the Refresh way of bringing innovative and thoughtful design solutions that add style and functionality to any space.

Custom Conservatory Solutions

Amber’s living room now opens into an inviting, cheerful conservatory that showcases stunning views of her lush surrounding garden. The insulated space now features clear, lightweight windows, overhead glazing, and contemporary wall dressings. This new conservatory is nothing short of a serene sanctuary. 

Amber is able to move around the room comfortably, thanks to a careful choice in slip-proof flooring and Ella’s creative custom handrails. These innovative mobility solutions enhance Amber’s quality of life as she is able to take in the beauty of her garden without stepping foot outside. 

Final Thoughts

With thoughtful consideration of Amber’s mobility, this conservatory extension is now an open, airy space in which Amber can enjoy her garden. Tearing down the wall between the conservatory and the adjoining living room has opened up the space, making the conservatory part of the everyday living area. Creative insulation solutions were used to make the conservatory’s climate habitable, while staying within Amber’s budget. Ella consulted with Amber every step of the way to make sure the final result would enhance both the home and Amber’s life.

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This project was completed in
October 2023
Project description
Conservatory Extension
Brighton & Worthing
United Kingdom
Project duration
9 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Inclement weather and a weak foundation, which required the conservatory’s frame to be replaced.
Interesting aspects
Vaulted ceiling windows and a custom modern handrail.
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Tracy Kinsman is a Renovation Consultant of Ohana Projects Ltd a franchisee of Renovation Franchise UK Ltd, doing business in Crawley Brighton.

Roger Kinsman is a Renovation Consultant of Ohana Projects Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise UK Ltd, doing business in Crawley Brighton.

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