A modern bathroom transformation in Glen Eden, Auckland

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Clearing out the dated interior of this 1970s bathroom created a blank canvas for a modern makeover. The results of which are brilliant.

Clearing out the dated interior of this 1970s bathroom created a blank canvas for a modern makeover. The results of which are brilliant.

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The Renovation Goal

Jesse, the homeowner, decided it was time to transform his entire house into something more modern - starting with the bathroom.
As it was, the bathroom was heavily outdated, featuring 1970s timber wall panelling. Of the limited space available, half was taken up by a wooden vanity and a large bath, which reduced the shower to a locker space on the wall. It was dark and overcrowded but had plenty of potential for a modern transformation. 
With an idea in mind, Jesse enlisted the expertise of Refresh Renovations to get the job done. Getting started, they were introduced to local Renovation Specialist Dominic Hollands, who established the best course of action for the bathroom renovation. 

Creating the Concept and Design

To begin the journey, Dominic introduced Jesse to Troy Enderby, who was to take on the renovation as the project manager. 
Troy began by progressing through the concept and quantity surveying stages. It was in these stages that Jesse decided to focus solely on the bathroom, which they believed to be the most urgent renovation required.
While walking Jesse through potential design options, Troy provided a breakdown of the costs and material alternatives that allowed them to tailor the project to suit their budget. This assistance was greatly beneficial for Jesse to choose where their money went and get the most out of the renovation.

Restoration and Construction

The bathroom’s timber wall panelling was pulled down and replaced with plasterboard from GIB. Along with discarding the original fixtures, this removal established a blank canvas to work with, which was freshened up with white paint sourced from Resene. 
During construction, the renovation team discovered floor rot due to a previous leak. But despite the obstacle, Troy worked diligently to restore the floor without much delay to the overall renovation timeline.
Providing end-to-end project management, Troy and his renovation team worked cohesively to ensure the bathroom was completed to the highest standard. The results of which are brilliant.

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The Fresh, Modern Bathroom

Jesse chose to renovate the bathroom with modern fixtures from Robertsons Bathware. The beautiful bath and sliding-door shower are sleek additions to the space that elevate both the functional and visual aspects of the space.
Installing tiling to create a feature wall was a brilliant choice that established depth at the end of the bathroom and gave the illusion of a larger room. The soft-grey colouring also does a great job of breaking up the otherwise white colour scheme. 
Furthermore, the spacious feel is enhanced with a floating vanity and large framed mirror. With clean lines and bold edges, the vanity ties together the new, modern design.

Final Results

Following Refresh’s 5 step process, Troy provided a premium design and build renovation service. This approach ensured the experience was stress-free and budget-friendly. 
With sleek bathware and a clean colour scheme, the dated bathroom has been transformed into a modern space. Coming in at $35,000, Jesse is thrilled with the results - a fantastic start to their renovation journey.

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This project was completed in
June 2021
Project description
A complete bathroom renovation
West Auckland
New Zealand
Project duration
4 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Floor rot from previous water damage
Interesting aspects
Large grey tiling, a freestanding bath, and brushed gold fittings.
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Dominic Hollands is Renovation Consultant of DJH Renovations Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in West Auckland.

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