A bathroom refresh in Torbay, Auckland

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A strategic spatial design made of earthy tones and textures completely refreshed this small bathroom.

A strategic spatial design made of earthy tones and textures completely refreshed this small bathroom.

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Ready for an upgrade

Homeowner Denise had been slowly renovating her older home when she decided she needed to bring in the professionals. 
When she met with Renovation Specialists Johannes (JJ) Jacobs and Anthony (Ant) Bayne, Denise explained she was looking to revitalise the existing ensuite bathroom. She wanted to maximise the limited space and install a bigger shower. 
JJ and Ant were more than happy to help Denise with her bathroom renovation, which they began by putting together a budget and design that would best suit Denise’s needs.

An unlevel playing field

When JJ first saw the existing bathroom, he noticed that the bathroom floor was bouncy and uneven – this was also the case throughout the rest of Denise’s home. Eventually, he discovered the issue was with the piles in the home’s foundation. 
JJ and Ant worked with Denise to ensure that a solution was reached. Resultantly, the design and build teams fixed the uneven piles, replaced the floorboards, and applied levelling compound to the floors that were previously bowed.
Water damage was also discovered in the bathroom, which JJ, Ant, and their renovation team repaired to keep the home safe and sound.
As Denise and her family were living on-site during the build, Ant and JJ carefully planned the construction schedule to ensure the renovation wouldn’t affect the family’s safety or disrupt their busy schedules.

Safety is priceless

Once JJ and Ant had seen the extent of the flooring damage, they realised it would need significant repair. To determine the best solution, they ordered an engineering report which recommended lifting and re-piling the entire house. 
The work would have cost $150,000, which was too far away from Denise’s budget. So Ant and JJ consulted their builder and architect partners to devise a solution that would be more affordable while still ensuring the safety of the home.
The total cost came in at $110,000, including renovation of the bathroom, and Denise was thankful that JJ and Ant were able to offer a better solution for her budget.

A complete transformation

The new design is a much-needed step up from the original bathroom. Now featuring contemporary fixtures and a more efficient layout, the room feels bigger and brighter.
To maximise usage of the bathroom’s space, the new shower’s glass panels have been fitted to the very edge of the bath, creating a fully built-in look. Additional spatial changes include repositioning the toilet to a previously unused area, allowing the bath to be extended along the wall. 
The creative use of tiling seamlessly blends all of the design elements together. The lighter tiles lend an open and airy feel to the room, and the darker feature tiles bring an eye-catching contrast. The presence of natural colours and textures – seen in the dark wood vanity and tiled flooring – creates a warm environment and perfectly complements the timber-panelled ceiling. 
LED lighting around the mirror has created a brighter and more usable space, and the modern addition of lighting sensors also makes for a hassle-free nighttime experience.
Final splashes of greenery create a calming environment and work well with the earthy tones of the room, making this ensuite a tranquil space for Denise to enjoy.

One happy family

Not only is Denise thrilled with her new ensuite bathroom, but she’s also grateful to JJ and Ant for picking up on the flooring issues and getting them fixed appropriately. It’s reassuring for everyone that Denise’s beloved home is now safe and can be enjoyed for decades to come.
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This project was completed in
July 2021
Project description
Bathroom renovation
North Shore
New Zealand
Project duration
96 days
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Structural issues and water damage needed addressing.
Interesting aspects
White cabinetry, sleek black handles, and a mauve glass splashback.
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Anthony Bayne is Renovation Consultant of BL Projects Ltd, Shiloh Projects Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise LtdLtd, doing business in North Shore Auckland Central.

Johannes Jacobs (JJ) is Renovation Consultant of ​BL Projects LTD, Shiloh Projects LTD, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise LtdLtd, doing business in North Shore Auckland Central.

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