Ultra Modern Interior Design and Style: The Low Down

Ultra modern design is a key design approach and continues to grow in popularity. But what is it? Let us explain all with our low down.

A ultra modern open plan living and deck area.

Ultra modern design is a key design approach to homes and continues to grow in popularity. But what is it, where did it come from and what are some good examples of it? Let us explain all here…
A ultra sleek and modern kitchen.

What is Ultra Modern Interior Design?

Modern interior design is the idea of form following function; and ultra modern design is a step further, that believes function is paramount. Reducing and eliminating the impact of buildings on the environment is a key facet of ultra modern interior design and so as public appetite and adoption of sustainability increases, so too does the demand for ultra modern designs in homes. 
Ultra modern interior design also includes evidence-based design as a key concept. Linking the design of the home to the wellbeing of the people within it provides a comfortable, homely environment to which many will not look back from once they’ve lived in.

How long has Ultra Modern Interior Design been around?

What we now think of as modern interior design blossomed in the 1940s and 1950s, post-war, as the economy stabilised and people rebuilt their living spaces. Ultra modern interior design is everything that has followed since, and continues to develop by utilising the newest sustainability techniques and technology. 
The phrasing ‘ultra modern’ suggests that this interior design concept has only been around a couple of years but the continuous development of this approach means that it has actually been a fixture in interior design for a long time.
A deck area with infinity pool and BBQ area and outdoor seating.

What is the approach to sustainability in Ultra Modern interior design?

Integrating function into design is key to ultra modern interior design, and so the long term impact of the design and the durability of it is a critical consideration. Ultra modern interior design therefore places a focus on sustainability as standard in order to create the best possible living space in not just of terms of environmental impact but also longevity. Combined with the minimalist type aesthetics ultra modern design favours, no excess building materials are used and evidence-based approach to the design is taken to maximise satisfaction, comfort and utility.

What other features does Ultra Modern interior design have?

Ultra modern interior design is based on a range of principles. These include:
Blending living spaces so people can move freely from one room to another with ease of passage 
Putting comfort at the heart of everything design-wise for ergonomic and practical living areas
Blending natural surroundings into the interior of the home; for example through the usage of large windows and/or the use of natural materials.
A living room with ultra modern interior.

How should I decorate a home in line with Ultra Modern interior design?

There are many ways that you can decorate your home in line with the principles of ultra modern interior design to incorporate some of these design standards in your property, even if it wasn’t purpose built with these in mind. Popular decoration options include:
- Using environmentally friendly wall coverings and colours
Paints used should be non-toxic and where possible, made from earth pigments or milk proteins. There are now many options of environmentally friendly paint in hardware and DIY stores. The colour themes used are often minimalist, unpatterned and uncluttered, and of a more natural theme than have been used in design styles prior to the ultra modern phase. Shades of green, blue, slate and brown are popular in ultra modern interior design as well as wall hangings or decorations made of natural materials or reflecting natural elements.
- Building with environmentally friendly materials
Even in a property that wasn’t originally designed as ultra modern, materials employed can still be recyclable and incorporate sustainability values. Bamboo wood, reclaimed aluminium or steel, vinyl plates, teak and linoleum can all be used and can be recycled, reclaimed or upcycled.
For tutorials on how to recycle or upcycle materials, social media channels such as YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram offer lots of videos spanning all kinds of building and design styles!
- Planning flooring
Floor coverings in ultra modern interior design are made from natural materials rather than artificial ones and flow between different sections or rooms of a building. The most popular flooring options used are teak, concrete and bamboo – all known for their longevity and therefore sustainability.
- Reflecting the outside, in
Incorporating the surrounding area into a living space is an important principle of ultra modern interior design, and windows are the easiest way to achieve this. Large window panels reflect a spacious aesthetic and help calm those within by reflecting the natural world, as well as employing a functional role in keeping the property cool and warm as required.
- Soothing with furniture
Furnishing ultra modern interior design is done considering the calming effect of the pieces used, in order to maximise comfort of those within. Adding in glass elements help reflect light throughout and enhance a clean, minimalist feel. Ultra modern interior design does usually encourage high quality pieces but with so much on offer second-hand and thrifted through the internet now, there doesn’t need to be a huge investment in order to achieve the look.
An open plan kitchen with view out to outside.

Where should I start with Ultra Modern interior design?

If your property wasn’t purpose built for ultra modern interior design, this doesn’t mean that you can’t adopt its principles. Plan out what you can change and work out what will add the greatest positive sustainability impact to your home.
Exactly what you can be redesigned depends on your home and circumstances. If your budget is low then furniture may be the best place to start, but if you’re looking for a bigger impact, flooring and walls can transform a space. 

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